MMA — 13 September 2012

First off kudos to both Anderson Silva and Stephan Bonnar for stepping up after both the Main Event & Co-Main event of UFC 153 fell apart. After all how much can the fans and the organization take after a few months of lack luster cards. Unfortunately the UFC takes the blame when the card is terrible but lately it hasn’t been because the UFC couldn’t deliver, it’s because everyone under the sun has been getting injured, in car accidents, caught naked in a church… well you get my point. 2012 hasn’t been one as planned for the UFC. In 2012 the UFC has had some HUGE fights canceled because of injury! Jose Aldo has been injured multiple times forcing him off of UFC 149 in Calgary and most recently UFC 153 in RIO. Dan Henderson is another name to fall victim to the injury bug which caused the UFC to cancel their first event in history a few weeks ago. Rampage Jackson just went down, Dominick Cruz withdrew from UFC 149 along with Thiago Silva, Rich Franklin had to step in for the injured Vitor Belfort at UFC 147 and well not because of Injury but Frank Mir stepped in to fight Junior Dos Santos because of Allistair Overeem.

Needless to say the UFC has had some terrible luck as of late and the match ups we are seeing may not have been earned or in this case (Anderson Silva vs Stephan Bonnar) don’t even matter. The fans will now get to see one of the best fighters in the world enter the Cage in Rio at UFC 153 in what is sure to be another win for Silva.

Let’s look at 5 Fights I would rather Anderson Silva take over Stephan Bonnar at 205 lbs.



I think Bisping got robbed against Chael Sonnen and won the fight. With that being said he would be on a pretty decent run in the UFC (currently he has won 4 of his last 5 including the controversial loss to Sonnen). Not that I think Michael Bisping has any better of a chance at dethroning Anderson Silva, but remember UFC 100? Bisping was tagged with a ‘H-Bomb’ that was heard around the world. Surely he could top this performance by being remembered as the guy who got knocked out by Anderson Silva in some incredible way that we would be talking about for years? Okay well I still would like to see Bisping get in the cage vs Silva before Bonnar.


I would love to see Rashad Evans take a crack at Anderson Silva. He was the first guy to take Jon Jones the distance. Sure he didn’t do much and lost the fight, but he stood in their for 25 minutes with the best 205 lbs fighter in the UFC. After all you can’t tell me you would rather see Stephan Bonnar get thrown to the wolves over Rashad Evans?


This is a fight I believe Chris Weidman deserves but Anderson Silva doesn’t want to fight him. He doesn’t believe he deserves it yet. Weird because we have seen guys like Jon Jones and Brock Lesnar thrust into the spotlight and taken advantage. Chris Weidman just put on a devastating performance that sent Mark Munoz packing with a vicious elbow. Chris Weidman’s UFC win streak is at five and a career record of 9-0.


Jones has said he wouldn’t fight Anderson Silva as he respects him and he is a friend, however he has said before he wouldn’t fight his former training partner Rashad Evans. This fight will probably never happen as Jones is the younger new “phenom” and Anderson Silva is much older and closing to the end of his career. Although this is a fight I would like to see happen I wont hold my breath. This reminds me of the whole ‘Fedor’ vs ‘Brock’ fight. Keep dreaming fans!


The most talked about fight in MMA is the ‘Super Fight’ between two of the sports best champions. They have both been the best in their weight class for a long time and fans want to settle the question “Who is the best pound for pound fighter in MMA?”. This would surely be the biggest fight in UFC history and the highest PPV buy in history, if not the highest attendance and gate also. Two things must happen for this to take place 1) GSP must beat Carlos Condit and 2) Anderson Silva has to somehow not fall to Stephan Bonnar. (right)



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