FOOTBALL — 02 February 2015

Super Bowl XLIX is officially in the books and Tom Brady has lifted his fourth Vince Lombardi Trophy, tying him with Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana for most Super Bowl victories by a quarterback in NFL history. Over the past couple of seasons the debate of who is the best quarterback in NFL history has been a popular discussion amongst NFL fans. This is in large part due to the overwhelming production of both Tom Brady and Peyton Manning as they continued to set records in wins as well as statistics. The debate originally started with the classic “Brady vs Manning” where fans would debate which signal caller was the better of the two. As both of their careers have risen to the heights in which they have, the debate slowly became who was the best quarterback of all-time.

Brady vs Manning

Last night in Super Bowl XLIX, Tom Brady accomplished what only two other quarterbacks have been able to do in NFL history and that is to win a fourth Super Bowl championship. What makes Brady’s accomplishment so impressive, is this was actually his sixth Super Bowl appearance. No other quarterback in NFL history can say that they have been to more than four. So for Tom Brady to have made six Super Bowl appearances simply speaks volumes about what he has been able to do in the NFL. This past year was Brady’s 15th season in the NFL and 13th season as a starter. Thats incredible when you put into perspective that he’s essentially been to the Super Bowl in half of his seasons as a starter in the NFL

Tom Brady discusses winning fourth Super Bowl

This leaves us wondering, does winning a fourth Super Bowl make Tom Brady the greatest quarterback in NFL history? I don’t believe it does but not for the reasons one may think. I don’t believe you can definitively answer the question, who is the greatest quarterback in NFL history? There are so many things that go into winning a Super Bowl that basing your choice strictly on how many Super Bowl’s a quarterback has or has not won simply doesn’t make sense. Football is the ultimate team game and Super Bowl XLIX is further proof of that as without Malcolm Butler making a last second interception, Tom Brady would have a winning percentage of 50% in the Super Bowl.

Malcolm Butler’s Super Bowl XLIX Interception

Tom Brady is one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history and deserves to be a part of that conversation. The truth of the matter though, is that a conversation is the most it can be. In the end everyone will have their opinion of who is the greatest to have ever played the game and you can make a good argument for a number of quarterbacks. I believe the question should be, who is on the list for consideration? There are only a handful of quarterbacks that should be on that list; quarterbacks such as Joe Montana, Johnny Unitas, John Elway, Troy Aikman, Brett Favre, Peyton Manning and of course Tom Brady

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