BASKETBALL — 12 November 2014

So far the Toronto Raptors fans have a lot to cheer about. After 20 seasons the Toronto Raptors are off to the franchises best start with a 7-1 record going into Thursday nights game against the Chicago Bulls (6-2). Toronto is sitting atop the Eastern Conference and boast one of the NBA leagues best record shared with only one other team, the Memphis Grizzlies (7-1) with the Houston Rockets not far behind (6-1).

The toughest opponents the Raptors have faced was the Miami Heat in a game they lost. The only other quality team they faced were the Washington Wizards which they defeated easily. Kyle Lowry is having a career year (again) and leading the Toronto Raptors to the top of the Eastern Conference. Right now it is hard to tell how good this team is or isn’t. One thing is for sure, they have lacked the ability to play defense for 4 full quarters. If this team finds a way to play team defense, swarming opponents and controlling the tempo of the game we could see a Raptors team go deep into the playoffs. The Toronto Raptors have a young and hungry team with a lot of depth and key additions with Lou Williams replacing the lack off offense we saw from John Salmons last season. Lou Williams has fit in nicely, providing instant offense off the bench for this Toronto Raptors team.

The Raptors have to get through the next 45 days without injuries. By the second week of January we will be able to see what we have as a basketball team. The Toronto Raptors face the Chicago Bulls Nov 13 & Dec 22, Memphis Grizzlies Nov 19, Cleveland Cavaliers Nov 22 & Dec 5, Phoenix Suns Nov 24 & Jan 4 , Dallas Mavericks Nov 28, Sacramento Kings Dec 2, Brooklyn Nets Dec 17, Los Angeles Clippers Dec 27, Portland Trailblazers Dec 30 and Golden State Warriors Jan 2. It will be interesting to see what their record is against these teams who are playoff teams IMO. The competition in the next few weeks increases and these teams wont fail to capitalize on the Toronto Raptors defensive lapses.

I think the expectations are that this Toronto Raptors team should be a top 3 team in the east. Let’s see how they do against Cleveland Nov 22, a game that Elite Sports Tours has 3 buses full of Toronto Raptors fans traveling down to Quicken Loans arena to cheer on DeMar DeRozan and the boys against LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers who were predicted as Eastern Conference Champion favourites.

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