FOOTBALL — 07 December 2012

Perhaps Steelersnation can attribute this to Charlie Batch’s inspirational victory on Sunday. Since that day, the notoriously wounded Pittsburgh Steelers are getting healthier with each passing day.

Thursday coach Mike Tomlin delivered news that their leader Ben Roethlisberger’s rib injury had healed enough to clear him for action on Sunday when they host the San Diego Chargers. As a precaution, Ben is likely to wear extra padding in his rib area. According to reports, Ben will be sporting a custom fit rib/chest compression shirt and a layer of Kevlar-lined composite in his shoulder pads to help absorb hits to his clavicle and shoulder joint regions.

With Ben’s return, the Steelers offense that suffered in the two weeks following his absence, will likely get the boost that it needs to make a major playoff push. At this point in their division, they are tied at 7-5 with the Cincinnati Bengals, following their big victory at Baltimore; having Ben back could make the difference between this team making the postseason for a third straight year, or missing the postseason for the first time since the 2009 season.

One thing that can be for certain, Heinz Field will be certainly give Ben the welcome back greeting that is fitting for a player of his legendary status.


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