BASKETBALL — 04 October 2012

On Wednesday the NBA announced they will be fining players for repeatedly flopping. Blake Griffin, who has been caught with a few questionable flops in the past, expressed that he feels it is merely a way for the NBA to make money.

“It’s not going to win or lose games for anybody. It’s a good way for the NBA to get more money,” Griffin said.

The new flopping rule is as follows: the firsts offense will get you a warning, followed by a $5,000 fine, then a $10,000 fine for the third, $15,000 for the fourth and $30,000 for the fifth. Players will receive a suspension with six or more.

Matt Barnes talks about his issues with Blake Griffin and describes him as a flopper.

We’ll let you be the judge. Check out this video of Blake Griffin ‘self flopping’


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