BASKETBALL — 24 August 2012

Vivek Shah is a huge fan of the Brooklyn Nets, so much so that when he noticed Brooklyn Nets CEO Brett Yormark coming out of a sushi restaurant he recognized him and approached him.

“I’m a die-hard fan,” Shah told ESPN this week. “I’ve been a die-hard fan for like 10 years. I knew exactly who he was when I saw him.”

Many internet bloggers were questioning whether or not this was simply a publicity stunt for the Nets.

“Of course it’s completely real,” Yormark said in a phone interview. “I walked out of a sushi restaurant in Midtown and this guy approached me. I didn’t even know who he was. He said he was a big fan of the Nets and appreciated the work we were doing. I thanked him and told him to call me in the office if he was ever interested in visiting the offices.

“He did and we got him in here. He’s a nice guy. It was very spontaneous. I didn’t expect it, but I thought that if the guy had enough confidence in himself to approach me on the street and talk about the team, I was going to do everything I could to support him.”

“The PR team thought it would be an interesting thing to show our fans,” Yormark said. “We try to showcase how accessible we are as an organization, so I agreed to it and so did Vivek.”

NYU student and New Jersey resident Vivek Shah confirms the spontaneity of the events. He said he wasn’t expecting to see a camera crew when he walked through the doors; but they asked if he was alright with it and he told them he did not mind.

“[he Nets asked me if I was OK with it,” Shah said. “I didn’t mind. Two of my friends actually saw it before I did. They sent me the link as soon as it went up. It was pretty cool.”

“I’m in the business school at NYU and I’ll be studying abroad in London during the fall,” Shah commented. “Working with the Nets would be my ultimate dream. I never knew how plausible that would be, but I guess this will be a pretty good opportunity to get my foot in the door.”



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