FOOTBALL MISC — 15 September 2014

That’s right folk’s the NFL is officially a crap shoot! Along with the Bills both the Arizona Cardinals and Houston Texans are off to a 2-0 start, while teams such as the New Orleans Saints and Kansas City Chiefs, who were considered play off contenders, start the season 0-2. We’ve seen the Bills beat the Chicago Bears week 1, who were considered not only play off but Superbowl contenders. Many regarded Jay Cutler as a possible MVP this season with a vamped up receiving core with Brandon Marshall, Ashon Jefferies, Santonio Holmes, Martellus Bennett and Matt Forte. The Bills than took it to the Miami Dolphins in a route week 2, winning 29-10. The Dolphins had beaten the division rivals New England Patriots 33-20. How could this be?

The Bills are in the top 5 of scoring with 52 along with the Saints (58), Seahawks (57), Broncos (55) and Browns (53). If you look at the Buffalo Bills individually their statistics aren’t overly impressive with EJ Manual‘s 375 pass yards-2 TD’s-1 Int and Spiller‘s, 122 rushing yards with zero TD’s but the reason for their victories lay within the teams play overall. The Bills have an impressive 306 yards rushing, 4.6 yards per rush, 6 sacks and a +4 turnover ratio. This means the Bills are winning football games the old school, classic or traditional way (whichever you want to call it), that is working the clock with the rush, winning the turn over battle and good solid defence. This team is your daddy’s brand of football, maybe even your grand daddy’s!

We’ve become so accustomed to the new age brand of football that teams like the Bills have gone under the radar. We`ve seen teams like the Broncos and Peyton Manning who destroyed the record book last season as the leagues best offence and the Saints and Drew Brees who has averaged 5000 passing yards a season. Even the Seahawks who won the Superbowl with a defensive minded team, had an offensive powerhouse that ran multiple trick plays and a rushing QB.  The Bills went 6-10 last season but were thin at true receiving threats. The addition of 1st rounder, Sammy Watkins has seemed like quite the pick up and has given the Bills that extra threat in both the passing and rushing game. Defenses are forced to keep more players in coverage leaving CJ Spiller and Fred Jackson with more rushing lanes.

The Bills could very well go 11-5 this season, assuming they beat the Texans, Lions, Vikings, Chiefs, Jets (2), Dolphins (2), Browns and Raiders. This season should be interesting for Bills fans as the team looks to be a potential powerhouse.

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