FOOTBALL — 18 November 2014

I hate to admit this folks and believe me when I tell you that this is PAINFUL for me to say, especially since I am a HUGE advocate for Peyton Manning in the whole “Manning vs Brady” discussion and consider Manning the “Greatest of All Time” but I really think they can! Now, am I saying their going to win? … by no means! The road to this years Superbowl is no easy feat as the NFL this season has been anything but predictable but the Patriots have a legitimate shot at steam rolling their way through to Arizona this year.

I mean take a look at the rest of their schedule this season! They play the Lions, Packers, Chargers, Dolphins, Jets and Bills. Now I realize that none of those games are easy wins and they will likely have to earn a couple of those W’s the rest of the stretch but they could very well win 4 or 5 of those games, possibly even win them all depending on which Lions, Packers and Chargers teams show up, likely giving them home field advantage throughout the playoffs. The Lions are solid defensively and kept us in the game against Arizona this past week but the offence has struggled and unless they can fix whatever the problem is this week, Detroit may have a rough sunday! The Packers are hot offensively and can easily go toe to toe with the Patriots and I believe will give New England their toughest test yet but the Green Bay defence has a lot of holes that Aaron Rodgers has covered up by scoring more TD’s. If the Green Bay offence struggles the Patriots will walk away with a win in Lambeau. The Chargers haven’t exactly been the Chargers the past couple weeks as they’ve struggled to score points and have given up quite a few themselves, surrendering 37 to the Dolphins (Sorry, Phil/Brittany) … the Dolphins! Finally, no offence to the rest of the AFC West but I just don’t believe they have anyone that can compete with the Patriots right now, especially with the way they are playing. Although theres been quite a few upsets this season, so you never know where ones lurking! (you never know Kyle!)

Brady throws 4 TD’s against Bills Week 6


The Patriots currently have the 7th ranked offence in the NFL and rank 16th defensively but have stepped up their game in recent weeks shutting down two juggernaut offences in Indianapolis and Denver to just 21 points. Tom Brady has a had a STELLAR year that is surprisingly going unnoticed as he’s completed 64% of his passes for 2600+ yards with 24 TD’s and just 5 INT’s, pretty impressive. Although, I’m sure he’s pretty thankful to have a healthy Rob Gronkowski back as, he may have just a little and by a little, I mean ALOT to do with that as he’s caught 700+ yards and 9 TD’s … your welcome Brady! Even the running game has stepped up its game as despite not having any single RB standing out, they do have a combined 1000+yards and 7 TD’s. So, their clearly finding the end zone. Lastly to cap it off, the special teams have been phenomenal as they average 11.8 yards per punt return and 22.7 yards per kick return and even the punter (yes Im talking about a punter!) Ryan Allen has 13 punts that have been inside of the 20 yard mark. Now, for you readers who don’t understand why that last stat is important, thats ok! Its crucial because football is game about field position and if your opponent is hanging around their end zone, your sitting pretty!

Rob Gronkowski manhandles NFL since comeback


As for the Playoffs, the only teams in the AFC right now that I believe can give New England trouble will be the Denver Broncos (my Man-ning! … see what I did there?) and the Kansas City Chiefs (there you go D’Ovidio and Kelly … RESPECT for your Chiefs!). If the Patriots can get through those teams which will be TOUGH, than I can easily say that I think the Patriots will win another Superbowl. The problem though, is that those two teams are REALLY good! The Broncos offence is the best we’ve seen since “The Greatest Show On Turf” with Kurt Warner, Isaac Bruce, Torry Holt and Marshall Faulk (a little shout out for you too Tim, why not!) and the Chiefs are lights out defensively. The Chiefs easily have one of the best overall run games in the NFL and despite not having a single receiver with a TD catch, find ways to get the ball downfield. Say what you will about Alex Smith but he is far more than a “game manager” this guy is accurate and plays mistake free football.

NFL rates “Greatest Show on Turf” as #2 best receiving core all-time


In conclusion, the Patriots are easily a favourite to go to the AFC Championship game and if they win, a favourite to win the Superbowl. As much as it pains me to say, New England is the team to beat in the NFL right so keep your eye out the following weeks if your team has them on the schedule! Share your thoughts by commenting below or tweeting me @D_ScHramER34 with the #elitesportsblog as I love the debate! If you liked what you read or didn’t like what you read but respected what I said than please click the LIKE button below as well. In the mean time folks, kick back, have a cold one and enjoy lead up to this weeks Don’s Weekly Pick’s! Cheers!






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