HOCKEY — 03 January 2013

It was like waking up this morning on a day you were supposed to go to the beach and seeing a dark cloud over the sky. It seems like the holidays are over and Canadian hockey fans are miserable as they are without NHL hockey and now their beloved Team Canada will be playing for Bronze. Clearly Canadians have been spoiled and expect a gold medal whenever the word hockey and Canada are in discussion. The reality is that hockey has grown in other Countries besides the Great White North.

Hockey has become very popular at a grass roots level in Russia, Finland, Sweden and some would argue… but USA. The teams that are being put together are full of talented hockey players from each country and good for hockey, but bad for Canadians. The ease of team Canada defeating teams on the ice year after year is just not a reasonable expectation. It’s amazing how one morning and one bad game can change an entire nations perception of your team. Hockey fans were skeptical of Malcolm Subban and at the sign of first trouble I could have swore the bus that drove the team drove right over him. The rash of tweets blaming Malcolm Subban and the disappointment of not having a chance at the Gold Medal were everywhere.


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