BASEBALL — 05 October 2012

What started out as a very spirited and competitive game between two very competitive teams, was decided by a controversial decision that will likely bring Infield Fly rule to the forefront. In the bottom of the 8th inning with one out and the Braves trailing the Cardinals 6 – 3, Braves Shortstop Andrelton Simmons hit a fly ball into midfield. As a result of miscommunication between Cardinals Shortstop Pete Kozma and Matt Holliday, the ball dropped between both players giving the Braves what was seemed to be a huge opportunity to capitalize. However to this dismay of the Atlanta Braves faithful in attendance, the umpire in left field gave the signal for an infield fly, resulting in Simmons being called out. The call was met with great displeasure as Braves fans started throwing debris; thus resulting in a game delay. As a result, the Braves never seem to regain control and eventually the Cardinals were able to finish the inning as well as the game. To many this call not only ended the Braves season, but it also marked the end of Chipper Jones’ baseball career as he noted 2012 being his last season. Above all things, perhaps this game raises a question that many try to dismiss, is Major League Baseball a fixed league?


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