Drake gives a shout out to Andrew Wiggins and Johnny Manziel in new Song ‘Draft Day’

Toronto Rapper Drake dropped a track on Tuesday night called Draft Day. Right away in the song Drake gives a shout out to Kansas Star and fellow Toronto native/friend Andrew Wiggins. He also mentioned Texas A&M quarterback [...]

The Toronto Raptors are going Throw Back in their 20th Season!

The Toronto Raptors are going throw back for select Raptors home games. They will be bringing back their purple dinosaur jerseys for select home games to celebrate their 2014-15 (20th in the league) as an NBA franchise. [...]

Toronto Raptors on Instagram Cheat Sheet!

With social media connecting the fans with the stars, Instagram has given an even more in-depth look into players lives beyond just their thoughts or tweets. Instagram has blown up and the popularity of it has [...]

The 2013-2014 Toronto Raptors are LEGIT!

Looking at the start of the season Toronto Raptors fans were eager and optimistic. We quickly saw that vanish with Rudy Gay’s sponge like play on the court the Raptors and his field goal percentage were at [...]

Toronto Represented Well at the 2014 NBA All Star Game

Drake will be proud to know that the Toronto Raptors will be well represented at the 2014 NBA All Star Game in New Orleans. With DeMar DeRozan being selected to his first  All Star game as an Eastern Conference Reserve (Voted [...]

Is the Andrew Wiggins Hype Real? Is he the Canadian LeBron James?

A lot of attention has been around Andrew Wiggins for a few years now and many have compared him to the next coming of LeBron James. The hype seems a bit ridiculous to some, especially when you think [...]

Doug Anderson wins the College Slam Dunk Contest (VIDEO)

Here’s a look at Detroit’s Doug Anderson as he puts on a show during the College Slam Dunk competition en route to a runaway win. Anderson has some impressive hops and some explosive slam dunks.     [...]

Canadians To Watch During MARCH MADNESS

It seems that a lot of Canadians aren’t aware of what March Madness is, which is a shame… I remember being 13 years old and being in Myrtle Beach in March when a gentleman asked me [...]

Watch The Most Amazing Comeback (VIDEO)

Here’s a cool clip of a New York State basketball game that ends in dramatic fashion. The kid at the end hits one of the most ridiculous game winners from 55+ feet to win the championship. [...]

Watch The Best Of LeBron James Pre-Game Dunks!

Here’s a neat clip of the BEST dunks during pre-game by LeBron James. It’s a shame when you see these that he doesn’t enter the NBA Slam Dunk Contest. Part of me believes should a player [...]