FOOTBALL — 31 August 2012

Chad Johnson can agree that 2012 has not been good to him. After being released from the New England Patriots on June 9th, his career was resurrected by the Miami Dolphins organization two days later. He changed his name back to Chad Johnson and it seemed to be coming together nicely. Then came the night of August 12, when he was involved in a domestic dispute with his soon to be ex-wife reality star Evelyn Lozada; the 911 call of the incident recorded and released for the public to hear, thus resulting in further embarrassment for the former Cincinnati star, and his release from the Miami Dolphins organization on August 12.

When things could not get any worse, Chad Johnson was given a rude wakening when today when he attempted to find his character in the very celebrated video game Madden 13. In previous ‘Madden’ games, his character was well established; for the first time in his career, Chad realized that they did not add his profile into the video game. Perhaps more revealing was the tweet he posted on twitter regarding this discovery.

[tweet align=’center’]

If it was not clear the status of Chad Johnson’s career, perhaps his inclusion from this famed video game may be the very thing that has made him realize how much he has fallen from his Pro-Bowl years with the Cincinnati Bengals. At this point, Chad Johnson can only go two directions; up or down. Whatever move Chad makes next will likely be one that could make or break his career.


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