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Take a look and tell me what you think of Michael Jordan‘s newest signature shoe, the Air Jordan XX8. It has been getting a lot of mixed reviews. Some people think it is terribly ugly, others find it’s design sleek. I think basketball players are, for the most part, more interested in a shoe that can improve their performance and allow them to perform at their best.

The XX8 stands for 28 for anyone who’s roman numeral skills aren’t up to par.

The shoe took two years to complete and was designed by Nike’s legendary designer Tinker Hatfield.

The shoe will make it’s on court debut on the feet of Oklahoma City Thunder‘s Russell Westbrook at the Barclays Centre in Brooklyn as they face the Brooklyn Nets on Wednesday at 7:30pm ET.

You can wear the shoe in two ways, zipped all the way up; revealing a slick black appearance or un-zipped; revealing the distinctively coloured green under shoe.

The shoe was introduced on Monday afternoon at an event in New York City by Spike Lee.

Watch him unveil it here:

Anyone who finds the shoe is ugly should keep in mind that some players don’t just wear a shoe for its looks. This new shoe is incredibly lightweight and built for performance; if it is a really good performing shoe, then players will wear them regardless. They also sell for a cool $250 so there might be a more exclusive clientele.

Tinker Hatfield leads us to believe that this black and green release-version of the shoe is merely a showcase of the build design of the shoe, and not necessarily a reflection of all the stylistic possibilities. I think there are several designs that could make this shoe look incredible.

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Hatfield also said that they were hesitant to give Michael Jordan a pair of shoes too early because “he’ll just wear them”

Check out the dynamics of the new Air Jordan XX8:







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