FOOTBALL — 13 October 2014

What in god’s name is going on in the NFL this year? There have been some big upsets that have shocked some fans this season but this past Sunday in Seattle Washington at 4pm, the most improbable and most shocking event this season occurred as the Dallas Cowboys, yes I said the Dallas Cowboys beat the defending Superbowl Champion Seattle Seahawks, 30-23. WHAT?!?! Now I don’t have the statistics of how many people actually bet on or even picked the Cowboys upset but I would definitely be interested in seeing how many actually did. I don’t think I saw or spoke to a single person, even Cowboys faithfuls, who actually thought that Big D would come out of Seattle victorious.

So how did America’s Team pull off the upset of the season? Thats simple, playing good defence and controlling the clock with the run. It’s how Dallas has won all season long. I know Tony Romo has been playing outstanding football as he’s thrown for 1500+ yards and 11 TD’s but this team and his success is going to run as DeMarco Murray runs. Murray is the clear MVP of this team and I think the clear MVP of the NFL. He’s accomplished what no other Cowboy has done before, rushing for 100+ yards in 5 straight games, more than Hall of Fame running backs and Cowboys greats Emmitt Smith and Tony Dorsett. Not only that but he’s also now tied with NFL Hall of Famer and widely considered by most as the greatest running back in NFL history Jim Brown as the only 2 players in NFL history to start the season rushing for 100+ yards in 6 straight games. Think about that for a second, the only 2 players in NFL history. That puts him ahead of NFL Legends and some of the greatest runners of all time such as Walter Payton, Eric Dickerson, Marshall Faulk, Barry Sanders and many more. That’s UNREAL! 

Than there’s the Dallas D, who were expected to be historically bad this season as they were the 32nd ranked defence last season and lost big name players such as DeMarcus Ware (to the Denver Broncos) and Sean Lee (to a season ending injury), yet rank 7th in the NFL in points allowed. Big D‘s defence is average against the run ranking 16th but are impressive against the pass as they rank in the top 5 in the NFL in both Pass Deflections (42) and Int’s (7). They may not have any superstar players that stand out on the stat sheet but the defence is playing cohesively and are balling out as a unit.

So should we really be all that surprised, especially with how Dallas has played since Week 1? All the stats have shown that not only are they the NFL‘s best but that the Dallas Cowboys Are Once Again America’s Team! The Cowboys have a legitimate shot at double digit wins this season, especially when you take a look at the rest of their schedule. The only team they play that are solid defensively are the Arizona Cardinals who have one of the NFL‘s best rush defences but besides the Cardinals, every other team they play has average to weak defence such as the Giants, Redskins and Jaguars. The only teams that I think could give Big D trouble are the Arizona Cardinals, Philadelphia Eagles and Indianapolis Colts as they are the only teams that can keep up with the Cowboys high powered offence.

Look for Dallas to only be one of the NFL‘s top 5 teams this season but a playoff contender to make a run at the Superbowl. Yes I said a run at the Superbowl folk’s! Thats assuming that Head Coach Jason Garrett keeps his mind right and continues to give the ball to DeMarco Murray 20+ times a game. Now that Romo finally has a healthy Murray to play off of, Dallas could finally play to the potential we’ve been talking about for years and Tony Romo could finally get past his detractors who say he’s not a playoff quarterback. Those are my thoughts and if you think I’m jumping on the band wagon and joining my good friends (and legitimate Cowboys fans) Lamar Wade-Henry and Doug Duplantis, than take a look at my previous article on Tony RomoWho’s the problem, Tony Romo or Cowboys Management“.

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