MISC — 29 November 2012

Former Los Angeles Lakers point guard Derek Fisher will reportedly sign with the Dallas Mavericks Thursday according to coach Rick Carlisle.

Fisher has been sitting out for this entire season so far after he failed to land a contract over the summer.

Coach Carlisle made the announcement following a 101-78 loss Wednesday to the Chicago Bulls.

The Dallas Mavericks‘ point guard Darren Collison sustained a sprained right middle finger on Tuesday in their loss to Philadelphia.

“We need help at point guard,” Carlisle said. “I found out on the way over here that Collison would be out, and we were fortunate to get (Jared) Cunningham active.

“We feel (Fisher) can help us. It’s not a cure-all to all of our team challenges, but his expertise and experience will help.”

The team is looking forward to having a veteran leader come in. Fisher has a remarkable five NBA championship titles under his belt from his time with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Fisher joined the Oklahoma City Thunder last season and helped take them to the finals against the Miami Heat.

The Mavericks signing Fisher is being called an act of ‘desperation’ by some. I don’t think they were ready for Jason Kidd to leave them for the Knicks. Kidd’s replacement, Darren Collison has been less than stellar since his spectacular beginning in Dallas; now that he has injured his finger, absolutely the Mavericks have identified they have a need which had to be addressed.

The Mavericks believe that a veteran leader like Derek Fisher can be an asset to their team. “Right now, the point guard position is a challenge for us,” Rick Carlisle said. “I think Derek can help us.”



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