MMA — 16 May 2012

UFC President Dana White had to skip attending last night’s UFC on FUEL TV 3 as he is scheduled today to undergo a procedure in Los Angeles for a condition called Meniere’s disease.

The disease affects approximately 50,000-100,000 people each year. The most common symptom of Meniere’s disease is intense dizziness or vertigo. Althoguh, the exact cause is not known, symptoms are believed to be related to an increase in fluid pressure in the inner ear. The inner ear acts as the body’s equilibrium center.

There is not one known cause for Meniere’s to develop, however; it could be as a result of head trauma, middle or inner ear infection, allergies, fatigue and even stress.

The side affects of the disease are not pleasant. It can cause a sudden loss of balance, decrease in hearing, vomiting and intense sweats.

White has not missed a UFC event in the 11 years since he and partners Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta purchased the company in January 2011.

“First fight I will miss in 11 years and it is killing me,” White said. “I have to have surgery in L.A. tomorrow or trust me I would be [there].”

White says that he has been suffering from the symptoms for several months. Following the UFC 141 press conference he was holding the podium, felling terrible and that things were spinning around. As a result, he ended the proceedings early. He said symptoms started to get really bad while vacationing in Fiji.

“You know me and you know how I love to be at the fights, but I can’t,” White said. “If it were possible for me in any way, I’d be there. But I can’t. I’m having fun [Tweeting] with the fans and watching on TV.”

Dana will be recovering following today’s procedure; he likely will not be able to walk for about a week and could be left with permanent hearing loss as a result of the surgery.




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