BASEBALL — 14 October 2012

Sometime it takes one moment that could change not just the complexion of a team, but the complexion of an entire season. When Derrick Rose tore his ACL in Game 1 of the NBA playoffs against the Philadelphia 76ers, they were never quite the same; despite winning that game, Derrick’s absence was beneficial to the 76ers and detrimental to the Chicago Bulls. The same fate could be in store for the New York Yankees as Derek Jeter broke his ankle and was helped off the field, while thousands of Yankees fans stood in stunned disbelief, knowing that the soul of their team was not going to return anytime soon. In addition to losing Derek Jeter, a very strong Detroit Tiger’s team bested the Yankees in12 innings with a final score 6 -4; thus giving them a 1-0 deficit in the series. When makes Derek Jeter‘s loss so damaging, they are not only losing a constant offensive and defensive threat, they are losing a vocal and spiritual leader that helped guide the Yankees to five World Series championships. Hopefully for the Yankees they have the resilience to withstand a strong Detroit team that is likely aiming to destroy their dream of winning another World Series Championship.


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