FOOTBALL MISC — 18 September 2014

Welcome to another addition of Dons Picks! If you’ve been following my posts regularly you know its been a rough start to the season for me. The NFL has been a crap shoot so far this season with multiple tough games to call and ridiculous upsets, including last weeks Browns over Saints, Bears over 49ers and Chargers over Seahawks. So where did I go wrong? Well, where do I start? I picked the Titans, and Jaguars after a strong week 1 performance despite the Jaguars loss to the Eagles and with the Cowboys and Redskins weak performance, I prematurely smelt a couple of upsets. I than picked what were regarded as guaranteed picks that turned out to be upsets in the Saints and Seahawks and for a second week in a row fell for what I believed to be the surprise team of the year, the Buccaneers. So lets recap:

Current Record: 17 – 15

  • Steelers: Loss
  • Bills: Win
  • Falcons: Loss
  • 49ers: Loss
  • Eagles: Win
  • Panthers: Win
  • Broncos: Win
  • Saints: Loss
  • Patriots: Win
  • Cardinals: Win
  • Titans: Loss
  • Jaguars: Loss
  • Seahawks: Loss
  • Buccaneers: Loss
  • Packers: Win
  • Texans: Win

So lets talk week 3! There are some very interesting match-ups this week including a Superbowl replay with the Broncos visiting the Seahawks, a division match-up with the Packers and Lions, the Chargers visiting the undefeated Bills, the Cowboys visiting last weeks surprise Rams and the spotty 49ers visiting the undefeated Cardinals.

Dallas Cowboys vs St Louis Rams

Dons Pick: Dallas Cowboys

This is an interesting match-up as both teams struggled week 1 at home and won on the road week 2. This weeks ex-factor will be Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray as I look for him to have a big day against the Rams 29th ranked rush defence, allowing 171 yards per game. Look for Tony Romo to be a none factor in this game as the Rams are the leagues top ranked defence against the pass, allowing only 174.5 yards per game. The Rams had third string quarterback Austin Davis step up huge for them last week going 22/29 for 235 yards but don’t expect a similar performance this week as Zac Stacey should be the focus against a linebacker needy Dallas D.

Green Bay Packers vs Detroit Lions

Dons Pick: Detroit Lions

As a Detroit fan, this game is a big one for me! The numbers say my Lions should take it home this week but my memory shows highlight reels of Packers dominance. The Packers allow 30 points per game which should suit well for a high scoring team like Detroit. The Packers are ranked 31st against the run which should bode well for Reggie Bush and Joique Bell but rank 3rd against the pass allowing only 183.5 yards per game which should limit quarterback Matt Stafford. Look for receiver Calvin Johnson to get a lot of targets as Johnson is Staffords security blanket when he struggles with good pass defences. Look for Packers running back Eddie Lacy to struggle as the Packers weak offensive line go against the Lions 2nd ranked rush defence, allowing 57.5 yards per game.

San Francisco 49ers vs Arizona Cardinals

Dons Pick: Arizona Cardinals

This is one of the more painful games to pick as both teams are ranked in the top 10 defensively and neither team have been overly impressive offensively. I picked this game based on points allowed per game as that was the only category statistically that either team really stood out more than other, which was the Cardinals (15.5) over the 49ers (22.5). This game should come down to a battle of the quarterbacks as both teams are atop the leagues best in run defence and the Cardinals have one of the best corners in the league in Patrick Peterson, so I look for Carson Palmer to be the better choice.

San Diego Chargers vs Buffalo Bills

Dons Pick: San Diego Chargers

This game should come down to the wire this Sunday as both teams are evenly matched defensively and in the run game but the Chargers hold a distinct advantage in the passing game. When choosing between Philip Rivers and EJ Manuel, the choice seems pretty easy. The Bills defence is solid against the run but give up 295 passing yards per game. Look for Rivers to toss the ball around with ease this week in Buffalo.

Denver Broncos vs Seattle Seahawks

Dons Pick: Denver Broncos

Thats right folks, I went with the Denver Broncos!!! This was by far the toughest game to pick this season. There are so many arguments for why either team should win this game. The Broncos are hungry after that tough Superbowl loss (43-8), the Seahawks are coming off a tough loss against the Chargers last week, Sherman just took over Campbell’s chunky soup ads and Peyton makes hilarious commercials for Papa Johns, so both teams want this game badly. Look for a high scoring game with the Broncos coming out on top. Regardless of what the score of last years Superbowl was, Manning still had good statistics against that Seahawks defence going 34/49 and 280 yards. Look for similar stats this game with added touchdowns thanks to the new addition to the team Emmanuel Sanders who has 185 receiving yards this season.

Best of the Rest:

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Atlanta Falcons – Dons Pick: Atlanta Falcons
  • Washington Redskins vs Philadelphia Eagles – Dons Pick: Philadelphia Eagles
  • Houston Texans vs New York Giants – Dons Pick: Houston Texans
  • Minnesota Vikings vs New Orleans Saints – Dons Pick: New Orleans Saints
  • Tennessee Titans vs Cincinnati Bengals – Dons Pick: Cincinnati Bengals
  • Baltimore Ravens vs Cleveland Browns – Dons Pick: Baltimore Ravens
  • Indianapolis Colts vs Jacksonville Jaguars – Dons Pick: Indianapolis Colts
  • Oakland Raiders vs New England Patriots – Dons Pick: New England Patriots
  • Kansas City Chiefs vs Miami Dolphins – Dons Pick: Miami Dolphins
  • Pittsburgh Steelers vs Carolina Panthers – Dons Pick: Carolina Panthers
  • Chicago Bears vs New York Jets – Dons Pick: Chicago Bears

All right folks those are my picks, for better or worse. Hopefully this week is better on the record and good luck in all your wagers, whether its yours picks or fantasy football team. If you have any comments or games you want me to discuss, tweet me @D_ScHramER34 and use the #EliteSportsBlog. in the mean time, kick back, enjoy a cold one and enjoy this weeks football games!


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