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Welcome to another edition of Don’s Weekly Pick’s: Week 10! So last weeks picks weren’t too bad as I went 9-4, missing slightly on 2 upsets and two lop sided victories. So where did I go wrong? Well first I picked the Denver Broncos to beat the New England Patriots and as you saw, that game was quite lopsided. New England‘s defence left Peyton Manning guessing all day and roughed up the receiving core much like Seattle did in last years Superbowl. Secondly I missed on two big upsets as both the San Francisco 49ers and San Diego Chargers lost to the St Louis Rams and Miami DolphinsWHAT?!?! OUTRAGEOUS!!! Than, finally I missed by picking the Baltimore Ravens to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers as I obviously missed the signs that pointed to Ben Roethlisberger is playing like he’s in a Madden football game (simply unreal!). So, lets recap:

Current Record: 83-49-1

  • New Orleans Saints: Win
  • Arizona Cardinals: Win (and I called them keeping DeMarco Murray under 100 yards, should be double points!)
  • Denver Broncos: Loss
  • Baltimore Ravens: Loss
  • Indianapolis Colts: Win
  • Cleveland Browns: Win
  • Philadelphia Eagles: Win
  • Kansas City Chiefs: Win
  • Cincinnati Bengals: Win
  • San Diego Chargers: Loss
  • Minnesota Vikings: Win
  • San Francisco 49ers: Loss
  • Seattle Seahawks: Win

So lets talk Don’s Weekly Pick’s: Week 10! There are a few interesting match-ups this week that wreak of possible upsets, divisional match-ups that could keep the playoff picture interesting and a few games that should just be some explosive football! Two possible upsets in the making could the St Louis Rams vs Arizona Cardinals and New York Giants vs Seattle Seahawks. St Louis always plays tough especially against divisional rivals and Seattle hasn’t exactly been playing like the defending Superbowl Champions and the New York Giants know how surprise people! We also have a couple of divisional game in again St Louis vs Arizona but also Chicago Bears vs Green Bay Packers, these games could either solidify one of those teams as a playoff contender or keep the playoff picture interesting. Than there is a high powered football game as the San Francisco 49ers play the New Orleans Saints. Now I know the 49ers stank it up last week but when they are hot, this is a team that can play and the Saints led by Drew Brees is always a threat to score! So, lets give it a go! 

Miami Dolphins vs Detroit Lions

Don’s Pick: Detroit Lions

After upsetting the San Diego Chargers last week, the Miami Dolphins made this game much more difficult to pick. The problem for Miami though, is their offence just simply isn’t that powerful and Detroit is ranked 1st in the NFL defensively. The Lions will have a healthy Calvin Johnson back and with Golden Tate stepping up in recent games while “Megatron” has been out, this Dolphins defence could have their hands full. I like Ryan Tannehill and think he has a bright future in this league but I simply don’t think he can win games on his right arm alone while Matthew Stafford has already proven a number of times that he can. I just simply don’t see the Miami offence keeping up and look for a Lions victory at home! GO LIONS!!!!

Matthew Stafford Highlights

San Francisco 49ers vs New Orleans Saints

Don’s Pick: New Orleans Saints

New Orleans has been playing well offensively the past couple weeks and with a healthy Mark Ingram are running the table on opposing defences. The 49ers are good defensively but their offensive line has been suspect as of recent weeks and has limited not only the running game but the passing game as they’ve struggled to score points. The Saints run a lot of screens and short throws to their back field in open space and should use that to their advantage as to keep the 49ers defence honest against the run. The 49ers should be able to score more than 10 points this week but look for them to continue to struggle until they shore up the offensive front while the Saints win by a couple scores at home.

Mark Ingram Highlights

St Louis Rams vs Arizona Cardinals

Don’s Pick: Arizona Cardinals

This should be an easy pick and an easy win for the Cardinals but don’t count on it being anything but a close game! The Rams always play divisional opponents well and the Cardinals have struggled against the pass as their two stars Patrick Peterson and Antonio Cromartie have been banged up this season. The Cardinals however have been finding ways to win despite injuries and as Elite Sports Tours owner, Tim Macdonell pointed out this week on “Reid Between The Lines” the Cardinals are Contenders and Carson Palmer despite what some may say has been exceptional for the team as he’s thrown 11 TD’s and just 2 INT’s all season and the team is 14-3 in their last 17 games. Look for a tightly contested game with the Cardinals coming out with a win at home.

Tim Macdonell on “Reid Between The Lines”

Chicago Bears vs Green Bay Packers

Don’s Pick: Green Bay Packers

Sorry Nick but as I must and I’m sure your doing as well for your picks with the always great Rhianna, Im going with the Packers this sunday! The Chicago Bears are simply done folks, they are a mediocre at best team with an absolutely terrible defence. This game should be some what close as these two teams are divisional rivals and know each other inside and out but the Packers are going to find a way to win by at least two TD’s especially at home. Jay Cutlers early MVP nominee nod now looks more like some sort of bad joke (not given by me BTW!!!) as he has continued to be hit or miss with his game much like his entire career. You just simply don’t know what your going to get from this guy as one week he will throw for 300+ yards and 3+ TD’s and than throw 150 yards and 3 INT’s, you can even say the same of his performances from quarter to quarter. Look for an easy Green Bay win at home.

A fun video making fun of Jay Cutler and Bears fans

Monday Night Football

Carolina Panthers vs Philadelphia Eagles

Don’s Pick: Philadelphia Eagles

Yep, Im going with the Mark Sanchez led Eagles!!! Sanchez is going to surprise some people this week with a full week of practice with the number one offence leading into this game. Mark is going to do some things on the football field that you didn’t see in New York, throw TD’s! What most people don’t realize or don’t understand is that Sanchez had ZERO offence with Jets and his best receiver statistically was Jeremy Kearly. Who? You ask! EXACTLY!!! Sanchez also led the Jets to TWO AFC Chamionnship games and despite the “butt fumble” (which was hilarious) he actually did pretty well for almost ZERO talent around. Now he has LeSean McCoy, Darren Sproles, Jeremy Maclin and Zach Ertz, let me tell you this will be a different Mark Sanchez. If the preseason was a legitimate QB competition Sanchez would have won the starting job as he outplayed Nick Foles as he completed 80.6% of his passes and throwing 281 yards with 2 TD’s and just 1 INT. The Caronlina Panthers have been TERRIBLE and if you saw their game last week, you would have turned the game off. Look for the Eagles to win a couple of TD’s with an easy win at home and on Monday Night Football.

Mark Sanchez Highlights

Now, the Best of the Rest:

  • Cleveland Browns vs Cincinnati Bengals – Don’s Pick: Cincinnati Bengals
  • Kansas City Chiefs vs Buffalo Bills – Don’s Pick: Kansas City Chiefs
  • Dallas Cowboys vs Jacksonville Jaguars – Don’s Pick: Dallas Cowboys (and DeMarco Murray rushes for 200+ yards) – Thoughts Lamar/Dougie?!?!
  • Tennessee Titans vs Baltimore Ravens – Don’s Pick: Baltimore Ravens
  • Pittsburgh Steelers vs New York Jets – Don’s Pick: Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Atlanta Falcons vs Tampa Buccaneers – Don’s Pick: Atlanta Falcons
  • Denver Broncos vs Oakland Raiders – Don’s Pick: Denver Broncos (and Peyton Manning break the single game passing TD record!!!) – Thoughts Blake/Christian?!?!
  • New York Giants vs Seattle Seahawks – Don’s Pick: Seattle Seahawks

So those are Don’s Weekly Pick’s: Week 10! Tweet me @D_ScHramER34 with the #DonsPicks or #elitesportsblog and share thoughts and comments as well as your pics for this weekends match-ups. I love to hear what you all think! In the mean time, kick back, have a cold one and enjoy this weeks NFL action. Cheers!IMG_2742-0.JPG


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