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Welcome to another edition of Don’s Weekly Pick’s: Week 11! Last week I went 10-3 and nearly went 12-1, if not for an upset in New York and a TERRIBLE call in New Orleans. So where did I go wrong? Well first I missed on picking the New Orleans Saints at home in the dome and if not for a poor call by the referees on what was called a “push-off” or offensive pass interference by Jimmy Graham. So not only did the referee mess up my pick but also cost me some much needed fantasy points! Secondly, I missed by picking the Jeckyll and Hyde, Cincinnati Bengals. They are making me an absolute liar not only this past week but in my article “Pretenders and Contenders” as I picked them to be Contenders after Week 3 (Whats going on with your Bengals Jon?!?!). Finally I missed by picking the Pittsburgh Steelers against the 1-8 New York Jets. WHAT, SERIOUSLY, HOW?!?! Ben Roethlisberger in the prior 2 games, threw for 862 yards and 12 TD’s and 0 INT’s and this team couldn’t beat the Jets (Can you explain this to me Kevin?) … RIDICULOUS!!! With that being said, Lets Recap:

Current Record: 93-52-1

  • Detroit Lions: Win
  • New Orleans Saints: Loss
  • Arizona Cardinals: Win
  • Green Bay Packers: Win
  • Philadelphia Eagles: Win
  • Cincinnati Bengals: Loss
  • Kansas City Chiefs: Win
  • Dallas Cowboys: Win
  • Baltimore Ravens: Win
  • Pittsburgh Steelers: Loss
  • Atlanta Falcons: Win
  • Denver Broncos: Win
  • Seattle Seahawks: Win

So lets talk Don’s Weekly Pick’s: Week 11! There are some great games this week and some tough calls. Some of the more exciting games are the Lions vs Cardinals, Eagles vs Packers and Patriots vs Colts, which if you aren’t pumped to see those games than your simply not a football fan. There are a few mediocre games that could surprise some people and be much better than expected as the Vikings play the Bears, the Falcons play the Panthers and the Buccaneers play the Redskins. So, lets give it a go!

Minnesota Vikings vs Chicago Bears

Dons Pick: Minnesota Vikings

I will be the first to admit that the “idea” of the Bears offence is enough to make you believe that the Bears can and should win this game but the truth of the matter is that the Bears are a joke. Jay Cutler is possibly one of the biggest wastes of talent in the history of the NFL and their defence is atrocious! The Vikings are solid  defensively and have a solid run game despite not having Adrian Peterson in the backfield, so they should control the clock. Teddy Bridgewater is easily one of the best rookies in this years draft class and has played well since becoming the starter. Look for the Vikings to win in Chicago and for more outrage from Bears fan with a loss at home.

Teddy Bridgewater Draft Analysis and College Highlights


Houston Texans vs Cleveland Browns 

Dons Pick: Cleveland Browns

The Browns are the surprise team of the season in the NFL as the running game has been surprisingly great this season. Brian Hoyer gets a little more credit than he should but has played well, average but well. The Texans have a new starting QB in the lineup in Ryan Mallett and with Arian Foster out of this Sundays matchup and I expect him to struggle against the Cleveland defence. Look for the Browns to to take an easy win at home this Sunday.

Cleveland Browns Highlights


Detroit Lions vs Arizona Cardinals

Dons Pick: Detroit Lions

I will fully admit that if Carson Palmer was healthy and starting this week, I may be picking against my boys in blue. With that being said though, the former Lions backup Drew Stanton is in and despite a 3-1 record as a starting QB this season will likely struggle against the NFL‘s number 1 defence. The Lions defence will likely shut down the running game of the Cardinals which means Arizona will have to rely on the arm of Stanton. The Cardinals defence have a great secondary with Patrick Peterson and Antonio Cromartie but they’ve struggled this season and the Lions will likely have their way with Calvin Johnson and Golden Tate. Look for the Lions to take a victory in the desert in a close game. (Your thoughts Dylan?)

Detroit Lions Defensive Highlights


Philadelphia Eagles vs Green Bay Packers

Dons Picks: Philadelphia Eagles

Yep, I said the Eagles folks. I firmly believe that even with Mark Sanchez, Philadelphia is still a better team. The Packers are a good team but they haven’t exactly beaten any legitimate contenders, Jets (2-8), Bears (3-6), Vikings (4-5) and Panthers (3-6-1). The only team they’ve beat with a winning record is the overrated Dolphins at 6-4 and they only beat them by 3 points. The Eagles boast the 5th ranked offence in the NFL and despite a weak defence they rank ahead of Green Bays. Look for a lot of fireworks with the Eagles coming out on top in Lambeau. (Sorry Scott, Its science!!! haha)

Philadelphia Eagles Highlights


New England Patriots vs Indianapolis Colts

Dons Picks: New England Patriots

This is an easier pick than some may think. The Patriots are one of the best teams in not only the AFC but the NFL and have beaten some of the NFL‘s elite where the Colts on the other hand have a winning record but much like Green Bay have beaten the bottom of the barrel. Indianapolis has the number 1 ranked offence in the NFL but its easy to put up big numbers when your facing the likes of the Jaguars, Titans, Texans and Giants. Neither team is great defensively as both teams are middle of the pack with rankings of 16th (Patriots) and 18th (Colts) so this game should be a bit of a shootout. Look for the man they call Tom Brady though to do what he does best and take a 4th quarter lead late in the game to win on the road in Indianapolis. (Sorry Ethan, your thoughts?)

Tom Brady Hype Video (This ones specifically for you Eric/Greg haha)


Best of the Rest:

  • Buffalo Bills vs Miami Dolphins – Dons Pick: Miami Dolphins (There you go Miss Kruter/Phil!)
  • Atlanta Falcons vs Carolina Panthers – Dons Pick: Atlanta Falcons
  • Cincinnati Bengals vs New Orleans Saints – Dons Pick: New Orleans Saints
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Washington Redskins – Dons Pick: Washington Redskins
  • Denver Broncos vs St Louis Rams – Dons Pick: Denver Broncos
  • San Francisco 49ers vs New York Giants – Dons Picks: San Francisco 49ers
  • Seattle Seahawks vs Kansas City Chiefs – Dons Picks: Seattle Seahawks
  • Oakland Raiders vs San Diego Chargers – Dons Pick: San Diego Chargers
  • Pittsburgh Steelers vs Tennessee Titans – Dons Pick: Pittsburgh Steelers 

So those are Don’s Weekly Pick’s: Week 11! Tweet me @D_ScHramER34 with the #DonsPicks and share your thoughts and picks or comment below, love the feedback! In the mean time, kick back, have a cold one and enjoy Week 11 of the NFL, Cheers!


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