FOOTBALL — 22 November 2014

Welcome to another edition of Don’s Weekly Pick’s: Week 12! Now last week was not my week as I went 6-8, OUCH. So, where did I go wrong? Well I picked the struggling Bears to lose to the Vikings, I picked the upstart Browns to beat a Texans squad with a new starting QB who has thrown all of 3 NFL passes, I picked my Lions to beat a Palmer-less Cardinals, the “Sanchize” to lead the Eagles over the Packers, the lowly Bengals to lose to the Saints and so on and so on. Like take a look at some of these game for a moment. Like how do the Rams beat the Broncos? Not only beating them but holding them to 7 … yes I said 7 points … WHAT?!?! Absolutely mind blowing. I mean, it just goes to show you that you NEVER know what can happen in football. So, lets recap:

Current Record: 99-60-1

  • Minnesota Vikings: Loss
  • Cleveland Browns: Loss
  • Detroit Lions: Loss
  • Philadelphia Eagles: Loss
  • New England Patriots: Win
  • Miami Dolphins: Win
  • Atlanta Falcons: Win
  • New Orleans Saints: Loss
  • Washington Redskins: Loss
  • Denver Broncos: Loss
  • San Francisco 49ers: Win
  • Seattle Seahawks: Loss
  • San Diego Chargers: Win
  • Pittsburgh Steelers: Win

So lets take a look at Don’s Weekly Pick’s: Week 12! There are a few really interesting match-ups this week and the potential for some really good football. The Detroit Lions head to New England to take the Patriots so it will be interesting to see how Tom Brady fares against the number one defence in the NFL. Than theres a battle for the NFC West as the Arizona Cardinals head to Seattle to take on the Seahawks. This game could very well decide the playoff fates for the 49ers and Seahawks! Finally there is the St Louis Rams who are fresh off of an upset win over the Denver Broncos, who play the San Diego Chargers in San Diego. Can the Rams pull-off a second straight upset? So, lets give it a go!

Detroit Lions vs New England Patriots

Don’s Pick: New England Patriots

Unfortunately I have to pick against my Lions this week as I tried to have faith last week against the Cardinals but was rewarded with inadequacy offensively as despite the defence keeping us in the game, Detroit couldn’t score to save their lives. The Patriots are tearing up the league and with a healthy Rob Gronkowski, look like a completely different team. New England definitely won’t run the ball like they did last week but will still put enough points on the board to win this game. Detroits stalling offence simply won’t have what it takes to keep up as they can’t run the ball and will struggle to toss the ball against Darrelle Revis and the Patriots Secondary. Look for a close game with the Patriots coming out on top at home.

Rob Gronkowski Highlights


Green Bay Packers vs Minnesota Vikings

Don’s Pick: Green Bay Packers

You watch, this will like be the upset of this week despite what should be an easy win for the Packers on the road. With that being said, Im simply not brave enough to try an upset special especially after last weeks picks! Green Bay is simply on fire offensively and despite a weak defence are scoring FAR more than enough points to make up for that. The Vikings have looked good at times but just lost to the Bears … the Bears! Maybe they comeback and keep this game interesting but the Vikings just don’t have the offence to go toe to toe with the Packers. Look for a road win for Green Bay.

Aaron Rodgers Highlights


Cincinnati Bengals vs Houston Texans

Don’s Pick: Houston Texans

To be completely honest, I have no idea! Both of these teams are hit and miss or Jekyl and Hyde. You simply can’t predict which team is going to show up. The Texans are coming off a solid win against the Browns and the Bengals are also coming off of a win against the Saints. So as usual if its a close game than you gotta go with the home team. J.J. Watt is simple a beast and how can you go wrong with picking the future Defensive Player of the Year.

J.J. Watt Highlights


Arizona Cardinals vs Seattle Seahawks

Don’s Pick: Arizona Cardinals

I want to pick the Seahawks as I really believe they’ll likely win this game but I just can’t pick against the Cardinals. Week in and week out, I consistently think their going to lose against who I think are a better team and yet every week, they surprise me. They simply find ways to win and when a team finds that many ways to win against good teams than they clearly know something that we don’t. This game will definitely be a nail biter and will probably end with a score much like their last match-up (17-10). The Seahawks aren’t the same team they were last year and Russell Wilson isn’t quite playing at the MVP level he was earlier in the season as he runs the ball a little too much and just can’t seem to get the ball down field when it counts. Look for a defensive battle ending with a Cardinals win on the road.

Larry Fitzgerald Highlights


St Louis Rams vs San Diego Chargers

Don’s Pick: San Diego Chargers

Despite a win over the Denver Broncos, the Rams are going to come up short against the Chargers on the road. The Chargers haven’t exactly been playing well as of late and Phillip Rivers has struggled since playing like an MVP candidate earlier in the season. The Chargers surprisingly have the 9th ranked defence and should be able to shut down the Rams offence while their offence has slipped to the 22nd ranking in the NFL. The Chargers will likely still score 21 points which should be enough to win this game as the Rams have troubles putting the ball in the end zone. Look for a 21-7 victory at home for the Chargers.

Phillip Rivers Highlights


Best of the Rest:

  • Kansas City Chiefs vs Oakland Raiders – Don’s Pick: Kansas City Chiefs
  • Cleveland Browns vs Atlanta Falcons – Don’s Pick: Cleveland Browns
  • Tennessee Titans vs Philadelphia Eagles – Don’s Pick: Philadelphia Eagles
  • Jacksonville Jaguars vs Indianapolis Colts – Don’s Pick: Indianapolis Colts
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Chicago Bears – Don’s Pick: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Washington Redskins vs San Francisco 49ers – Don’s Pick: San Francisco 49ers
  • Miami Dolphins vs Denver Broncos – Don’s Pick: Denver Broncos
  • Dallas Cowboys vs New York Giants – Don’s Pick: Dallas Cowboys
  • New York Jets vs Buffalo Bills – Don’s Pick: Buffalo Bills
  • Baltimore Ravens vs New Orleans Saints – Don’s Pick: Baltimore Ravens

  So those are Don’s Weekly Pick’s: Week 12! Comment below with your thoughts or tweet me @D_ScHramER34 with the #DonsPicks as I love any and all feedback! In the mean time, kick back, grab a cold one and enjoy this weeks NFL action. Cheers!IMG_2348.JPG


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