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Welcome another edition of Don’s Weekly Pick’s: Week 13 – Thanksgiving Edition! I wanna start with a Happy Thanksgiving to our American readers and by stating how happy I am to have recovered from Week 11’s terrible pick’s with a solid showing in week 12 as I went 11-4 (phew!!!). So did I go wrong this past week? Well, first I picked the Houston Texans over the up and down Cincinnati Bengals (like seriously, are they good or not? please just make up your mind Cincinnati!!!). The Texans however are much like Bengals in the fact that you simply just can’t predict which team is going to show up. Picking game these teams are in is basically a crapshoot, flip a coin and hope for the best! Secondly, I missed by picking the Arizona Cardinals over the Seattle Seahawks, although if you read the article I did say the Seahawks would actually win this game but I just couldn’t pick against the Cardinals with the way they are playing. So, half a point for me! I than missed by picking the Tampa Bay Buccaneers over the AWEFUL Chicago Bears. The Bears are another team that are driving me crazy as Jay Cutler is  the epitome of the word “STREAKY” (Sorry Pappy!). Finally, I missed on the Thursday Night game as I picked the Kansas City Chiefs to beat the Oakland Raiders (Seriously, what happened D’Ovidio/Kelly). So lets recap!

Current Record: 110-64-1

  • New England Patriots: Win
  • Green Bay Packers: Win
  • Houston Texans: Loss
  • Arizona Cardinals: Loss
  • San Diego Chargers: Win
  • Kansas City Chiefs: Loss
  • Cleveland Browns: Win
  • Philadelphia Eagles: Win
  • Indianapolis Colts: Win
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Loss
  • San Francisco 49ers: Win
  • Denver Broncos: Win
  • Dallas Cowboys: Win
  • Buffalo Bills: Win
  • Baltimore Ravens: Win

So let’s talk Don’s Weekly Pick’s: Week 13 – Thanksgiving Edition! It’s Thanksgiving and not only is it Turkey time for our American readers but its time for TWO days of NFL action. First of all to talk a little Thanksgiving day football, the card for Thursdays match-ups are STACKED!!! It kicks off with divisional games that have playoff implications on the line as the Chicago Bears play the Detroit Lions, the Philadelphia Eagles play the Dallas Cowboys and finally the Seattle Seahawks play the San Francisco 49ers. Finally Sunday will finish off with two games that should be quite interesting as the New England Patriots play the Green Bay Packers and the Denver Broncos go to Kansas City to play the Chiefs. So lets get started!

Thanksgiving Day Football

Chicago Bears vs Detroit Lions

Dons Pick: Detroit Lions

The Bears are on a two game winning streak and coincidently the Lions are on a two game losing streak. However the Bears are still the Bears and the Lions hold the number 3 ranked defence. Jay Cutler is still spotty and if the Lions get pressure on him which I think they will, than Cutler is going to throw interceptions. The Lions offence is what worries me despite facing the Bears 21st tanked defence as the offence of Detroit hasn’t been overly spectacular the past few weeks, scoring a total of 15 points. The Lions should however score enough points to win this game as I look for the Lions to come out with a Thanksgiving Day win.

Calvin Johnson Highlights


Philadelphia Eagles vs Dallas Cowboys

Dons Pick: Dallas Cowboys

I want to pick the Eagles but with the Cowboys playing the way they are, I simply can’t pick against them especially at home. The Cowboys are undefeated at home and if Jason Garrett hands the ball off to DeMarco Murray 20+ than the Cowboys are walking out with a win. The Eagles are one of the best offences in the NFL but their defence was embarrassed against the Packers and despite winning against the Titans, they still allowed the Titans to score 24 points. This will be a back and forth game that will likely see both teams scoring a lot of points but I see the Cowboys controlling the clock better with the run which in close football games, typically means a win. Look for the Cowboys to take another Thanksgiving Day victory at home.

Dez Bryant Highlights


Seattle Seahawks vs San Francisco 49ers

Dons Pick: Seattle Seahawks

This is easily the toughest game to pick as the 49ers are home, both teams have the 1st and 2nd ranked defences in the NFL and both have offences that can put up points. The only reason why I’m picking the Seahawks is because the 49ers almost lost to both the Giants and the Redskins. This will be a closely contested game and one heck of a game to watch as these teams play each very well. Look for a low scoring game with great defensive play as the Seahawks pull out a late 4th quarter win on the road.

Russel Wilson Highlights


Sunday Night Football

New England Patriots vs Green Bay Packers

Dons Pick: New England Patriots

Now I continuously pick against the Packers and have been wrong before and the Packers are playing unworldly with an unbelievable record in Lambeau. This however is the New England Patriots and sorry to say Packers fan (Delaney/Mav/Derek) but these Patriots are legit and I simply don’t think the Packers are going to be able to throw all over this defence the way they have on others. Bill Belichick shut down Calvin Johnson as he played Darrelle Revis on Golden Tate with double coverage on Johnson (simply genius!) so don’t think he doesn’t already have a game plan to stop Jordy Nelson. Look for a Patriots win in Lambeau in what should be one heck of a game!

Rob Gronkowski Highlights


Denver Broncos vs Kansas City Chiefs

Dons Pick: Denver Broncos

Easy read here folks, the Chiefs lost to the Raiders … the Raiders! Now the Chiefs will clearly put up a far better fight against the Broncos but its the Broncos folks. Peyton Manning walks around with 28 points in his back pocket which means the Chiefs will have to up at least 31 to win this game. The Chiefs have the best running game in the NFL but I can’t imagine them pointing up 31 against the Broncos defence. Denvers D isn’t exactly stellar but it knows how to rush the passer and if you get to Alex Smith than the offence will fall. Look for a Broncos win in Arrowhead!

Peyton Manning Highlights


Best of the Rest!

  • Washington Redskins vs Indianapolis Colts – Dons Pick: Indianapolis Colts
  • Tennessee Titans vs Houston Texans – Dons Pick: Houston Texans
  • Cleveland Browns vs Buffalo Bills – Dons Pick: Cleveland Browns
  • San Diego Chargers vs Baltimore Ravens – Dons Pick: Baltimore Ravens
  • New York Giants vs Jacksonville Jaguars – Dons Pick: New York Giants
  • Cincinnati Bengals vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Dons Pick: Cincinnati Bengals
  • Oakland Raiders vs St Louis Rams – Dons Pick: St Louis Rams
  • New Orleans Saints vs Pittsburgh Steelers – Dons Pick: Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Carolina Panthers vs Minnesota Vikings – Dons Pick: Carolina Panthers
  • Arizona Cardinals vs Atlanta Falcons – Dons Pick: Arizona Cardinals
  • Miami Dolphins vs New York Jets – Dons Pick: Miami Dolphins

So those are Don’s Weekly Pick’s: Week 13 – Thanksgiving Edition! Share your comments below or Tweet me @D_ScHramER34 with the #DonsPicks and let me know your picks. In the mean time, kick back, grab a cold one and enjoy this weeks NFL action. Ill see you at the Tailgate!!!


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