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Welcome to another edition of Don’s Weekly Pick’s: Week 14! Now as always, I like to start off with what went wrong and this week is no different as I went a MEDIOCRE 8-8 this past week as I was left scratching my head by the end of Sunday night. There are just a number of teams in the NFL right now that have identity crisis’s and are simply impossible to get a read on. Case in point, I missed on picking the Browns, Ravens, Steelers, Panthers, Giants and Cardinals. Seriously, how do the Steelers, Giants and Cardinals lose to teams that are below .500? to think these teams have legitimate shots at being in the Playoffs, simply DISGRACEFUL! Than the Browns (who should be playing Johnny Manziel at this point) can’t even beat the Bills without their star running backs? Not to mention Brian Hoyer threw 3 interceptions, PATHETIC! I did also miss on a couple of tough losses as I picked the Patriots to beat the Packers and the Cowboys to beat the Eagles, although I did say I wanted to pick the Eagles as I thought they had a solid chance to win but I did end up taking the soft way out and picking the home team so I must eat my loss. So lets recap!

Current Record: 118-72-1

  • Detroit Lions: Win
  • Dallas Cowboys: Loss
  • Seattle Seahawks: Win
  • New England Patriots: Loss
  • Denver Broncos: Win
  • Indianapolis Colts: Win
  • Houston Texans: Win
  • Cleveland Browns: Loss
  • Baltimore Ravens: Loss
  • New York Giants: Loss
  • Cincinnati Bengals: Win
  • St Louis Rams: Win
  • Pittsburgh Steelers: Loss
  • Carolina Panthers: Loss
  • Arizona Cardinals: Loss
  • Miami Dolphins: Win

So, lets talk Don’s Weekly Pick’s: Week 14! There some game that will excite you this week folks and are not easy t pick by any means. Theres a divisional matchup that could spell the end for one of these teams Playoffs hopes as the Pittsburgh Steelers play the Cincinnati Bengals. The Buffalo Bills could go up to Denver and upset the Broncos. The Kansas City Chiefs play stumbling but still number one Arizona Cardinals which should be a defensive showing. Than theres the Seattle Seahawks vs the Philadelphia Eagles which is one of the more exciting games on the week as both teams are looking to win their respective divisions and a loss this week could leave them fighting for a Wildcard spot. Finally, theres the New England Patriots vs the San Diego Chargers as both teams are deep in the Playoff hunt and both teams are capable of putting on a show, this will have fireworks written all over it. So, lets get started!

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cincinnati Bengals

Dons Pick: Cincinnati Bengals

I hate picking this game as I feel like whoever I pick is the team thats going to lose, heck these teams could even tie for that matter. Either of teams are very good despite both having winning records. The Bengals especially have been Jekyl and Hyde this season but have managed to still come out with an 8-3-1 record. The Bengals are at home so that is honestly the ONLY reason Im picking them as this game is essentially a toss up. It has the making of a sneaky good game though and will definitely be worth a watch as there will be huge Playoff implications on the line.

AJ Green Highlights


Buffalo Bills vs Denver Broncos

Dons Pick: Denver Broncos

Did I actually say the Bills had a chance of upsetting the Broncos? Because what I meant was the Bills are going to get pummelled! Now, I like the Bills as we travel to every home game with Elite Sports Tours to watch the team and the fans simply deserve a winner as they show up in the masses every week regardless of the weather and they Tailgate, they Cheer and they are easily one of the best fan bases in all of football but this is the Denver Broncos folks. The Bills defence is good but Peyton Manning is better, far better and the Bills offence is a walking piece of mediocrity as Kyle Orton is the definition of an average quarterback at the NFL. Look for the Broncos to throw all over this defence and run the ball effectively with CJ Anderson.

Demaryius Thomas Highlights


Kansas City Chiefs vs Arizona Cardinals

Dons Pick: Kansas City Chiefs

This is no easy pick but the Cardinals are slipping and giving a solid opportunity to the Seattle Seahawks here to comeback and win this division. Drew Stanton is just simply not getting the job done in Arizona right now and the team isn’t winning the same way they were in the first half of the season. The Chiefs despite losing to the Raiders (still not sure how that happened) are a tough team to play and do everything very well. They run the ball strong, they pass effectively and they play great defence. The Chiefs have all the components of a Championship team. Look for a close game with the Chiefs pulling out a win on the road.

Jamaal Charles Highlights


Seattle Seahawks vs Philadelphia Eagles

Dons Pick: Seattle Seahawks

Again folks, I wanna go Eagles as I am a big fan of what they’re doing and if this were a few weeks ago I would be picking the Eagles but over the last few weeks the Seahawks have seemingly gotten their act together. They’re playing solid sound defensive and playing far better offensively. They’re actually starting to look like the team that won the Superbowl last season. So with that being said, I simply can not pick against the defending Superbowl Champions. The Seahawks defence should put a damper on the Eagles offence and I look for a bad game from Mark Sanchez as if this team can make the great Peyton Manning look bad than they will eat up the Sanchize. Look for a big win on the road for the Seahawks.

Marshawn Lynch Highlights


New England Patriots vs San Diego Chargers

Dons Pick: New England Patriots

This is easy folks. I like San Diego but the Patriots are simply too good. The Packers barely beat the Patriots in Lambeau last week in which they have beaten all off their opponents at home by an average score of 40+ points. The Patriots are on top of their game right now as the Chargers despite being 8-4 this season, have been a bit up and down. The Chargers are throw first team with no running game and the Patriots have a complete defence with the likes of Darrelle Revis and Vincent Wilfork. Look for the Patriots to win on the road and for the Brady/Gronk connection to continue its touchdown ways this week.

Rob Gronkowski Highlights


Best of the Rest!

  •  St Louis Rams vs Washington Redskins – Dons Pick: St Louis Rams
  • New York Giants vs Tennessee Titans – Dons Pick: Tennessee Titans
  • Carolina Panthers vs New Orleans Saints – Dons Pick: New Orleans Saints
  • New York Jets vs Minnesota Vikings – Dons Pick: Minnesota Vikings
  • Baltimore Ravens vs Miami Dolphins – Dons Pick: Baltimore Ravens
  • Indianapolis Colts vs Cleveland Browns – Dons Pick: Indianapolis Colts
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Detroit Lions – Dons Pick: Detroit Lions
  • Houston Texans vs Jacksonville Jaguars – Dons Pick: Houston Texans
  • San Francisco 49ers vs Oakland Raiders – Dons Pick: San Francisco 49ers
  • Atlanta Falcons vs Green Bay Packers – Dons Pick: Green Bay Packers

So those are Don’s Weekly Pick’s: Week 14! Comment below with your thoughts or Tweet me @D_ScHramER34 with the #DonsPicks. In the mean, kick back, grab a cold one and enjoy this weeks NFL action! Ill see you at the Tailgate! IMG_3159.JPG





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