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Welcome to a very special Holiday edition of Don’s Weekly Pick’s: Week 17! Usually I like to start off with what went wrong from the previous weeks picks but I’m actually going to start this post off by wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and would like to wish everyone and their families a safe and Happy Holidays! I really appreciate all the support I get from our weekly readers as well as my other regular postings of TAILGATE TALK! With that being said here’s a little NFL Christmas Music!

NFL Christmas Music

Now on to what you want to read about, FOOTBALL! Week 16 was a mediocre week for me as I went 9-7 missing on a few upsets that made me cringe in my chair on Sunday. So, where did I go wrong? Well, I missed on picking the Ravens to beat the Texans who have been hit or miss all season. I picked the Colts to beat the Cowboys (I know Dougie and Lamar, I know!) in which I thought that game regardless of who won would be a FAR closer game! I than took the offensive powerhouse Eagles to beat the lowly Redskins (Seriously, Bruce … What happened to your boys?!?!). I missed by picking the Saints to beat the Falcons, which I officially give up on picking in the NFC South … those teams are crapshoots! I picked the upstart Rams to beat the inconsistent Giants (Good on your boys Tom!). I missed on the Bills to beat the Raiders (Seriously, Buffalo, the RAIDERS?!?!). Finally I picked the Broncos to beat the Jekyl and Hyde Bengals, a team who has only won one primetime game (Your boys finally pulled through Jon!). So, lets recap!

Current Record: 149-89-1

  • San Diego Chargers: Win
  • Baltimore Ravens: Loss
  • Detroit Lions: Win
  • Indianapolis Colts: Loss
  • Seattle Seahawks: Win
  • Jacksonville Jaguars: Win
  • Philadelphia Eagles: Loss
  • Miami Dolphins: Win
  • Carolina Panthers: Win
  • Green Bay Packers: Win
  • New Orleans Saints: Loss
  • Pittsburgh Steelers: Win
  • New England Patriots: Win
  • St Louis Rams: Loss
  • Buffalo Bills: Loss
  • Denver Broncos: Loss

So, lets talk Don’s Weekly Pick’s: Week 17! There are a few interesting story lines in this weeks match-ups. Can the Raiders play upset another week and knock of the offensive powerhouse Broncos? The NFC South crown is on the line as all four teams play divisional games this week! Who will win the NFC North title as the Packers play my Lions (GO LIONS!). Finally who’s going to take the AFC North crown as the Steelers play the Bengals in what will surely be an unpredictable match-up. So, lets get started!

New Orleans Saints vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Dons Pick: New Orleans Saints

Now, it seems like I consistently pick the Saints and they consistently let me down. In fact I’m almost curious to see how many of my 89 missed pick have been due to the Saints. The issue with the Saints is, its tough pick against Drew Brees. He’s one of the best quarterbacks in the game and get hot at any moment to win a game. the Buccaneers have been the worst of what is easily the worst division in the NFL so if the Saints don’t win this game than they simply don’t deserve to even be in the playoff hunt. I look for a close game with the Saints coming out on top on the road.

Drew Brees Inspirational Pre Game Speeches


San Diego Chargers vs Kansas City Chiefs

Dons Pick: Kansas City Chiefs

This is a tough pick for me as my heart says Chargers but my mind says Chiefs. The Chiefs are at home and play well with the home crowd advantage. The Chargers have been streaky but can get hot and come from behind to win much like they did in San Francisco. The Chiefs running game is fantastic and the Chargers are one dimensional as they highly depend on Philip Rivers to win the game. Rivers was an early MVP candidate in the beginning of the season but has struggled since teams have become keen on focusing on him. Look for the Chiefs to win a back and forth battle at home. (there you go D’Ovidio and Kelly!)

Proof Alex Smith is a GOOD Quarterback


Detroit Lions vs Green Bay Packers

Dons Pick: Detroit Lions

I already wrote this part of the blog and changed my mind as soon as I was done. I originally picked the Packers due to home field advantage but this is the one time that I’ve got to go against my mind and go with my heart! The Packers have just been unstoppable at home beating teams such as the Patriots. The Lions have been on a winning streak but haven’t exactly beaten the elite of the elite. The Lions won the first meeting between these teams but again that was in Detroit. If this game were taking place anywhere besides Green Bay than I would pick my Lions easily but home field advantage has been that powerful for the Packers. But as I said, I just have to go with my heart and pick my Lions to win the NFC North title!

Lions Defensive Highlights


Carolina Panthers vs Atlanta Falcons

Dons Pick: Atlanta Falcons

Another tough game to pick because as I said this division is pretty much a crapshoot. The Panthers have been on fire the past few weeks and so have the Falcons. Both teams have also had their struggles though as they’ve both been two of the more inconsistent teams in the NFL. The Falcons, Julio Jones, however has been an absolute beats and I look for the him to continue against this Panthers defence. Look for a high scoring game with little offence as the Falcons come out with a win at home.

Julio Jones Highlights


Cincinnati Bengals vs Pittsburgh Steelers

Dons Pick: Pittsburgh Steelers

Despite the Bengals consistently making look wrong, I just can’t go against the Steelers at home. Both of these teams have made the playoffs but both teams look for an AFC North crown. The Steelers have been a surprisingly offensive powerhouse and Ben Roethlisberger is having one of his best season in his career. The running game for the Steelers has also been at the top of its game and Antonio Brown is easily the best receiver in football this season. The Bengals are a turnover heavy team and that almost cost them the game against Denver as thankfully for them the Broncos turned the ball over more than they did to lose the game. I don’t think they’ll get that lucky in this game. Look for the Steelers to win this game by a pair of touchdowns for the AFC North crown.

Antonio Brown Highlights


Best of the Rest!

  • Cleveland Browns vs Baltimore Ravens – Dons Pick: Baltimore Ravens
  • Dallas Cowboys vs Washington Redskins – Dons Pick: Dallas Cowboys
  • Indianapolis Colts vs Tennessee Titans – Dons Pick: Indianapolis Colts
  • Philadelphia Eagles vs New York Giants – Dons Pick: Philadelphia Eagles
  • Buffalo Bills vs New England Patriots – Dons Pick: New England Patriots
  • Jacksonville Jaguars vs Houston Texans – Dons Pick: Houston Texans
  • New York Jets vs Miami Dolphins – Dons Pick: Miami Dolphins
  • Chicago Bears vs Minnesota Vikings – Dons Pick: Chicago Bears
  • Oakland Raiders vs Denver Broncos – Dons Pick: Denver Broncos
  • Arizona Cardinals vs San Francisco 49ers – Dons Pick: San Francisco 49ers
  • St Louis Rams vs Seattle Seahawks – Dons Pick: Seattle Seahawks

So, thats the Christmas edition of Don’s Weekly Pick’s: Week 17! Comment and click the LIKE button below with your thoughts and picks for this weeks NFL match-ups or Tweet me @D_ScHramER34 with the #TAILGATETALK. In the mean time, kick back, grab a cold one and enjoy this weeks NFL match-ups. I’ll see you at the Tailgate!


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