FOOTBALL MISC — 25 September 2014

Alright folks, welcome to another addition of Dons Picks! This past week was far more successful than the two weeks prior as I went 12-4, not too shabby. Yet, we have another week with many questionable match-ups that will be leaving even the most avid football fan scratching their heads. As usual though, we will start with where I went wrong last week and how my Dons Picks went. So, where did I go wrong? I chose the Broncos to upset the Seahawks, which I was a coin flip away from being accurate. I chose the Texans to beat the Giants as the Texans had played very well the first two weeks of the season and the Giants seemed like a team that may not win a game until mid-season with a weak rushing attack and “Captain Interception”, Eli Manning. Much as the same as the Texans-Giants match-up, I chose the Dolphins to beat the Chiefs who were playing short of their star RB, Jamaal Charles and I also picked the Panthers to beat the Steelers in a battle of over rated teams. So lets recap last weeks Dons Picks:

Current Record: 29-19

  • Dallas Cowboys: Win
  • Detroit Lions: Win
  • Arizona Cardinals: Win
  • San diego Chargers: Win
  • Denver Broncos: Loss
  • Atlanta Falcons: Win
  • Philadelphia Eagles: Win
  • Houston Texans: Loss
  • New Orleans Saints: Win
  • Cincinnati Bengals: Win
  • Baltimore Ravens: Win
  • Indianapolis Colts: Win
  • New England Patriots: Win
  • Miami Dolphins: Loss
  • Carolina Panthers: Loss
  • Chicago Bears: Win

So lets talk Week 4. There are some interesting match-ups this week as you have a divisional game with the Bears-Packers, Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Texans return to Buffalo to face the Bills and two offensive based teams go head to head as the Saints play the Cowboys at home. There are also ALOT of head scratching games this week that are tough to pick, so lets give it a go!

New York Giants vs Washington Redskins

Dons Pick: Washington Redskins

The Giants played well last week against the Texans but look for New York to look more like the team that played in weeks 1&2 than the team that showed up in the meadowlands last week. The Redskins defence have been solid against the run allowing only 194 yards and have sacked the QB 10 times over the past three weeks. Those statistics do not bode well for the Giants as they have a poor offensive line and have not run the ball well prior to last week. The pass rush alone should be enough to keep Eli Manning atop the NFL‘s most intercepted QB’s list. The Redskins struggled week 1 but with Kirk Cousins taking over at QB, the team has been an offensive powerhouse. Cousins has thrown 5 TD’s and 677 yards in two games while Alfred Morris has rushed for 253 yards and 2 TD’s, averaging 4.3 yards per carry. The Giants defence have been pitiful as they allowed over 1000 total yards and 8 TD’s. Look for the Redskins to take this game by a landslide.

 Green Bay Packers vs Chicago Bears

Dons Pick: Chicago Bears

This should be one of the more exciting games this week with a lot of offence and very little defence. The Packers haven’t been the offensive juggernaut that we are accustomed to seeing in years past but with Aaron Rodgers going against a suspect secondary in the Bears, look for the former MVP to look better than the previous three weeks. The Bears have given up 700 yards passing over 3 weeks and have not exactly faced the upper echelon of QB’s as they’ve faced the likes of EJ Manuel, Colin Kaepernick and Geno Smith. The biggest issue facing the Packers this season is the weak offensive line as they’ve given up 9 sacks that has lead to them losing in the time of possession, giving their opponents the ball for 34 minutes per game. Look for the Bears to come out on top as they should have more chances at the end zone and should be more disruptive against the Packers offence.


Philadelphia Eagles vs San Francisco 49ers

Dons Pick: Philadelphia Eagles

This was by far the toughest game to pick this week as both teams have been equally terrible defensively and solid offensively despite the 49ers starting 1-2. The 49ers are at home so they should have the crowd advantage. The Eagles have lost the time of possession battle this season 34:26 as the 49ers have been winning 32:28, which means the 49ers should have more offensive attempts. The Eagles have been terrible defensively giving up over 1,100 totals yards and 9 TD’s over three weeks where the 49ers have faced better competition and have slightly better stats. Despite those factors, the Eagles have been an offensive powerhouse and even though the stats are telling me to pick the 49ers, my gut is screaming Eagles. Look for a close game with the Eagles squeaking out a late 4th quarter win on the road.

New Orleans Saints vs Dallas Cowboys

Dons Pick: New Orleans Saints

This should be a display of offence as long as Tony Romo is able to play after injuring his back this week. Both teams have been wretched defensively and without their star QB’s would be doomed and hard lucked to find a win against even the lowliest of teams. Even if Romo plays this week, he shouldn’t be 100% so look for the Cowboys to struggle against even the Saints defence. Drew Brees and Jimmy Graham should have a big day against the Big D’s, weak D as the Cowboys have given up 9 TD’s and almost 800 yards passing so far this season. Look for the Saints to walk all over the boys in blue with an easy win in Dallas.

New England Patriots vs Kansas City Chiefs

Dons Pick: New England Patriots

This game should be closer than some would think as the Chiefs bounced back last week after a poor 0-2 start to the season. The Patriots have not been fantastic offensively though, struggling against weak teams such as the Dolphins and Raiders. Much like the Eagles-49ers match-up, this game was tough for me to pick because based on statistics, I should pick the Patriots while my gut screams upset and the Chiefs. Unfortunately my brain just isn’t willing to take that chance as the Chiefs have just been too inconsistent for me to make the leap of faith. Kansas City has seen limited production from star RB, Jamaal Charles and the receiving core lead by Dwayne Bowe has been mediocre at best. Despite the home field advantage, I can’t pick against the winning history of Brady/Belichick (despite so desperately wanting too). Look for the Pats to go back to New England with a road victory against the Chiefs.

Best of the Rest:

  • Buffalo Bills vs Houston Texans – Dons Pick: Buffalo Bills
  • Tennessee Titans vs Indianapolis Colts – Dons Picks: Indianapolis Colts
  • Carolina Panthers vs Baltimore Ravens – Dons Picks: Baltimore Ravens
  • Detroit Lions vs New York Jets – Dons Pick: New York Jets (it wouldn’t break my heart to miss on this pick, GO LIONS!!!)
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Pittsburgh Steelers – Dons Pick: Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Miami Dolphins vs Oakland Raiders – Dons Pick: Miami Dolphins
  • Jacksonville Jaguars vs San Diego Chargers – Dons Pick: San Diego Chargers
  • Atlanta Falcons vs Minnesota Vikings – Dons Pick: Atlanta Falcons

Alright, so those are my Dons Picks! Feel free to tweet @D_ScHramER34 with the #ELITESPORTSBLOG with your comments and thoughts. Hopefully this helps with all of your wagers and fantasy teams this week. So kick back, pop a cold one and enjoy this weeks football games!!!




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