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Welcome to another edition of Don’s Pick’s! I went 12-3 last week which was far better than Week 4’s edition as I went for a painful 4-9. So where did I go wrong? Well, first of all I missed on the Detroit Lions (Insert Alex Henery joke here) at home against the Buffalo Bills which if not for the poor kicking of Alex Henery, I would have been spot on. I than picked the Atlanta Falcons over the New York Giants as I thought that Matt Ryan would throw all over the Giants defense but again I underestimated Eli Manning (even though I wrote an article on it) and missed. Finally to cap it all off, I missed by picking the undefeated and defensive lead Cincinnati Bengals to beat the New England Patriots as I thought the Bengals defense would shut down the seemingly struggling Patriots offence. So lets recap: Current Record: 45-31

  • Green Bay Packers: Win
  • Dallas Cowboys: Win
  • Detroit Lions: Loss
  • Indianapolis Colts: Win
  • Denver Broncos: Win
  • Carolina Panthers: Win
  • Cleveland Browns: Win
  • Philadelphia Eagles: Win
  • Atlanta Falcons: Loss
  • New Orleans Saints: Win
  • Pittsburgh Steelers: Win
  • San Francisco 49ers: Win
  • San Diego Chargers: Win
  • Cincinnati Bengals: Loss
  • Seattle Seahawks: Win

So lets talk Week 6! There are some interesting divisional match-ups that could mold the NFL Playoff picture for the AFC East, AFC South, NFC North and NFC East. There are some tough games to call that should be equally fun to watch such as the Steelers vs Browns, Jaguars vs Titans and Lions vs Vikings. Than there are some games that will be utter blowouts like the Broncos vs Jets and Chargers vs Raiders but will be a’lot of fun to watch, especially if your a fan of TD’s. So lets give it a go! Thursday Night Football: Indianapolis Colts vs Houston Texans Don’s Pick: Indianapolis Colts This is an AFC South divisional battle that very well could spell who takes the division title as the Titans and Jaguars are simply not talented enough to compete. The problem for Texans fans are the Colts are simply just a better team. The Texans are solid defensively and have home field advantage but they just do not have the fire power on offence to keep up to the high powered Colts. The Colts are #1 in the league in passing and #2 in the league in total offence while the Texans are at lowly #22. Arian Foster will be effective rushing the ball but Ryan Fitzpatrick should have a hard time against the Colts 12th ranked defence. Look for Andrew Luck to throw the ball all over the Texans defence and Houston to lose big at home.

New England Patriots vs Buffalo Bills Don’s Pick: New England Patriots Now, I know I said in a previous article that the Bills could go 11-5 this season but don’t look for that winning atmosphere to begin this week. This game will be close, much closer than people think but the Patriots are a winning team that seems to be hungry especially after a 43-17 destruction of the Cincinnati Bengals last week. I look for them to continue that momentum into Buffalo. The Patriots have beaten the Bills the previous 3 meetings between these teams and have owned the Bills in Buffalo. Statistically these teams are pretty even but look for the Tom Brady to lead his team to a close victory late in the 4th quarter.

Green Bay Packers vs Miami Dolphins Don’s Pick: Green Bay Packers The stats say Dolphins but my gut and eyes say Packers. The Dolphins are the 7th ranked Defence and have the 5th ranked rushing attack but Aaron Rodgers has been phenomenal the past few weeks and I think he’ll continue that in Miami. I always feel uncomfortable picking against the home team in a close game but I look for Rodgers to be doing his patented “discount double check” dance as hes completed 98/147 for 1155 yards with 12 TD’s and just 1 INT. I like Ryan Tannehill but this game is going to come down to which QB plays better and Rodgers is simply better.

Chicago Bears vs Atlanta Falcons Don’s Pick: Atlanta Falcons This is a really tough game to call and I want to pick the Bears but Jay Cutler and the boys haven’t exactly played stellar as of late and even though the Falcons haven’t either, Matt Ryan is at home and I simply have to go with home field advantage. The Falcons have the 3rd ranked offence and as much as ide like to take solace in that, they also have the 29th ranked defence. When ou look at the Bears rankings though, it does make me feel a little better as Chicago has been average at best as they have 17th ranked offence  and defence. This game is going to go one of two ways.  Its either going to be a shoot out with two young gunslinger QB’s or a boring low scoring snoozefest with two offences that seem to be stuck in neutral.

New York Giants vs Philadelphia Eagles Don’s Pick: Philadelphia Eagles Once again, Im going to ignore my previous article on Eli Manning and go against the Giants (even though that hasn’t worked for me since the season opener). The Eagles are at home and are an offensive powerhouse when shooting on all cylinders and even with the 28th ranked defence are still 4-1. I have a tough time believing the Giants are legit. Manning has been unreal the past 3 weeks but yet I still have a feeling he’s going to revert back to his old ways when in a shoot-out. I look for a close match-up until the 4th quarter when the Eagles take a 2 TD lead.

Best of the Rest:

  • Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cleveland Browns – Don’s Pick: Steelers
  • Carolina Panther vs Cincinnati Bengals – Don’s Pick: Bengals
  • Jacksonville Jaguars vs Tennessee Titans – Don’s Pick: Titans
  • Denver Broncos vs New York Jets – Don’s Pick: Broncos
  • Detroit Lions vs Minnesota Vikings – Don’s Pick: Vikings (wouldn’t mind missing on this pick, GO LIONS!!!)
  • Baltimore Ravens vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Don’s Pick: Ravens
  • San Diego Chargers vs Oakland Raiders – Don’s Pick: Chargers
  • Dallas Cowboys vs Seattle Seahawks – Don’s Pick: Seahawks
  • Washington Redskins vs Arizona Cardinals – Don’s Pick: Cardinals
  • San Francisco 49ers vs St Louis Rams – Don’s Pick: 49ers

So this are Don’s Picks: Week 6, tweet me know your thoughts @D_ScHramER34 #DonsPicks and let me know your pics as well. In the mean time, kick back, enjoy a cold one and enjoy this weeks match-ups!


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