FOOTBALL — 30 October 2014

Welcome to another edition of Don’s Weekly Pick’s: Week 9! Last week was decent as I went 9-5, missing on a couple of close games and one upset pick that was simply just a poor choice of judgement. So where did I go wrong? Well, I missed on the Packers as Aaron Rodgers hammy tightened up early in the game and was limited in his ability to move around in the pocket. I than picked the Cowboys against a Colt McCoy lead Redskins squad which came down to overtime and an injured Tony Romo (Good on ya though Colt!). Than I picked both the Ravens and Eagles who hands down, no questions asked had the best games of week 8 but both lost in games that came down to the wire losing in the final seconds of the game. Lastly, I regretfully inform you that yes, I did choose the 1-6 Jets over the Bills, despite writing an article about how they would go 11-5 (because I’m that guy … a DUMMY!!!). So lets recap:

Current Record: 74-45-1

  • Kansas City Chiefs: Win
  • Detroit Lions: Win
  • Green Bay Packers: Loss
  • Baltimore Ravens: Loss
  • Philadelphia Eagles: Loss
  • Denver Broncos: Win
  • Minnesota Vikings: Win
  • New York Jets:   (Shameful!!!)
  • New England Patriots: Win
  • Seattle Seahawks: Win
  • Miami Dolphins: Win
  • Houston Texans: Win
  • Cleveland Browns: Win
  • Dallas Cowboys: Loss

So lets talk Don’s Weekly Pick’s: Week 9! The NFL is really doing a great job of putting together a schedule that benefits the fans this season as we’ve seen some unbelievable match-ups. This week is no different as there are a few tough calls such as Saints vs Panthers, Cardinals vs Cowboys, Redskins va Vikings, Broncos vs Patriots and Ravens vs Steelers. There are also a few interesting games that could be better than people think (emphasis on the COULD!!!) such as the Jets vs Chiefs, if Michael Vick shows up after a week of practice with the starters and Buccaneers vs Browns, both teams have been explosive (at times) and both have been awful but if the explosive teams show up than we could be in for show! So lets give it a go!

Thursday Night Football – New Orleans Saints vs Carolina Panthers

Don’s Pick: New Orleans Saints

This is a tough call as both teams have been inconsistent and with the Carolina Panthers at home, the easy pick would be to go with Carolina but my gut is screaming Saints. The Saints simply have too many weapons and with both Mark Ingram and Jimmy Graham back and 100% healthy, they could be in line to make a solid run at a wildcard play-off spot. Cam Newton is an absolute superstar but with a lack of a running game and no true receiving threat, the Panthers are essentially leaning on their defence. Regardless of how well your defence is, if their consistently on the field the way that they are and especially going against a QB like Drew Brees, your going to get lit up. Look for a close game but with the Saints coming out with a win on the road.

Jimmy Graham Highlights


Arizona Cardinals vs Dallas Cowboys

Don’s Pick: Arizona Cardinals (Sorry Dougie)

Now, I am a BIG fan of what the Dallas Cowboys are doing and I think they are going to make some noise in the play-off’s but I just simply can not pick against the Arizona Cardinals right now. Especially not after the way they won against the Eagles this past week. The Cardinals are one of the better teams in the NFL this year and are arguably the second best team in the AFC, besides the Broncos (clearly). They do everything well from the pass game, run game, defence and special teams. They’ve had injuries with key players such as Carson Palmer, when backup Drew Stanton filled in and still won while losing Patrick Peterson and Antonio Cromartie in the Eagles game and won as well. So they know how to win despite missing their superstars and aren’t dependant on any one player. Look for Arizona to take a win in Big D and even put an end to DeMarco Murray’s 100 yard game streak (That’s right, I said it Lamar. FORGIVE ME!!! haha)

Patrick Peterson Highlights


Denver Broncos vs New England Patriots

Don’s Pick: Denver Broncos

That’s right (John!!!), I’m picking Peyton Manning in the Manning/Brady conversation! As I said before, Manning is simply on another level and with Ronnie Hillman stepping up and doing what Montee Ball couldn’t (actually running the ball!!!), the Broncos are solidifying themselves as the best team in the NFL, let alone the AFC. Emmanuel Sanders and Demaryius Thomas are absolutely killing it for Manning as they both have 47 catches for 600+ and 700+ yards respectively, leaving Wes Welker as the 4th option behind Julius Thomas (not a bad 4th option!). The Denver defence is ranked 4th in the NFL right now and have 23 sacks over 7 games as Von Miller (9 sacks) and DeMarcus Ware (7 sacks) have been nightmares for opposing offensive lines. The Patriots offensive line have allowed 15 sacks on the season and should have a tough time with the Broncos front 7. Look for a good game overall but with the Broncos winning by a pair of TD’s.

Peyton Manning Highlights


Baltimore Ravens vs Pittsburgh Steelers

Don’s Pick: Baltimore Ravens

This is a game that could fool some people as both teams are 5-3 and after last weeks performance by Ben Roethlisberger as he threw for 500+ yards and 6 TD’s, many people are going to be picking the Steelers to win this game at home. The problem for me is consistency in production for the Steelers both offensively and defensively. They could put up 50 points one week and 10 the next, where as the Ravens at least you know they’re going to put up around 20-30 points game in and game out. I’m going to pick consistency every time. This is going to be a great game but how it plays out, who knows! This could be a low scoring game based on hard nosed football or a Madden Bowl filled with TD’s. Either way, look for the Ravens to come out on top.

Joe Flacco Highlights


Monday Night Football – Indianapolis Colts vs New York Giants

Don’s Pick: Indianapolis Colts

This is a easy pick as the Colts were just embarrassed by the Steelers and are going to look to make a point in New York on Monday Night. The Giants lost Victor Cruz for the season and the offence doesn’t have any real threats to replace him. This should be a blow out as the Colts are just a far better team. I wish I could say more that its pretty cut and dry. Look for a lop sided win on the road for the Colts and if you have a Colt on you fantasy team, start them!

Eli Mannings 25 INT’s last season


Now, the Best of the Rest:

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Cleveland Browns – Don’s Pick: Cleveland Browns
  • Philadelphia Eagles vs Houston Texans – Don’s Pick: Philadelphia Eagles
  • New York Jets vs Kansas City Chiefs – Don’s Pick: Kansas City Chiefs
  • Jacksonville Jaguars vs Cincinnati Bengals – Don’s Pick: Cincinnati Bengals
  • San Diego Chargers vs Miami Dolphins – Don’s Pick: San Diego Chargers
  • Washington Redskins vs Minnesota Vikings – Don’s Pick: Minnesota Vikings
  • St Louis Rams vs San Francisco 49ers – Don’s Pick: San Francisco 49ers
  • Oakland Raiders vs Seattle Seahawks – Don’s Pick: Seattle Seahawks 

So those are Don’s Weekly Pick’s: Week 9! Tweet me @D_ScHramER34 with the #DonsPicks and let me know your thoughts and picks on the upcoming week. I love any and all feedback. In the mean time, kick back, have a cold one and enjoy this weeks NFL action! Cheers!







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