FOOTBALL — 27 June 2012

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees is now confident that he will be signing a long-term contract with the Saints.

He told reporters that the bounty probe has certainly delayed the process of his contract negotiations.

”This has been a stressful off-season in a lot of ways. There’s been a lot of distractions for everybody,” he said. ”I’m not using that as an excuse other than just stating it as fact. That has delayed things quite a bit at times.”

Brees had been relatively silent and had been doing a good job at keeping his thoughts on the bounty scandal probe to himself, however; he answered a question about it recently, and his response seems to hint at the fact that the evidence is there, it just hasn’t been found yet.

”How can everybody think that when there’s been no proof that’s been put forth thus far?” he said. ”There’s been an investigation; there’s been a lot of stuff put in the media as to what was going on. But is there any proof to back that up? No, there’s not. Not yet.”

“Not yet” just seems like he believes they will have that proof to back it up sometime in the future. Does it not? He should have just left it as “No, there’s not.”

Brees continued to discuss evidence and penalties, saying:

”If there is, then it needs to come forward,” he said. ”If it is what they say it is, then punishments will be levied and deservedly so. But if there’s not, then we need to vindicate the guys that were obviously wrongly accused.”

Drew Brees had been open in the past about his frustration with the lack of effort put forth by the New Orleans Saints to secure him in a new contract. As a result, Brees has skipped the voluntary practices and mini-camp . The Saints placed their one-year franchise tag on Brees, barring him from negotiating a deal with any other team.

At this time, however; it seems as though Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints have already begun contract talks, that they’re just working on closing the final gaps. Brees said, ”I’m confident, and always have been, that we’ll get a long-term deal accomplished.”

Check out Brees’ recent interview below:





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