MISC — 15 October 2012


The now famous last words by friends towards a heavily intoxicated (God I hope he was intoxicated) Cleveland Browns fan, named Phil.

During the hours before yesterdays battle of Ohio,  tailgaters outside Cleveland Browns Stadium decided to dare our boy Phil to take a quick dip in the pool for a cool $450.  And of course when I say “dip” I mean dunk his head, and when I say “pool” I really mean bucket of urine.

Ahh Cleveland – where things go to stay classy, and then die a horrible death.

There are so many things wrong with this video – The dunking of ones head in a bucket of urine is disgusting enough, but at one point you hear someone offer to do it for $250! $250?! You’re going to offer to do it for less?!  And where did this bucket come from – how long/many people did it take to fill it?! I NEED ANSWERS!

Although it’s hard to find anything remotely redeeming  about this video, one can’t help but laugh as Phil seeks reassurance from his friends that his wife won’t find out.  A message to Phil, My Dad has seen this video and he’s afraid of the internet , He still lists Y2K as one of his biggest fears in life – So,  I’m sure your wife has set you up nicely on the couch.

Despite the embarrassment caused by the world seeing you dunk your head in a bucket of urine, Sunday probably turned out pretty well for Phil.  He made $450, got famous and the Browns beat the Bengals!



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