MISC — 24 January 2013

It’s a great time to be an Edmonton Oilers fan! On Wednesday city councillors agreed to a deal which originally collapsed about three months ago due to the demands for taxpayer dollars being too high. Now, they have re-worked the deal and an agreement has been reached.

The mayor of Edmonton, Stephen Mandel, says the new deal is totally done.

It’s 100 per cent. A deal is done. Council has approved it. All the other stuff is just going through some steps.”

“I’m absolutely confident that we will go ahead, and at some point in time all of us will go to a new arena with great pride.

“It will be the nicest, most dynamic arena you’ve ever been to.”

Below is an artist’s concept of option A, showing how the proposed arena will look on 104th Avenue .

edmonton new arena

Edmonton taxpayers will pay $219 million towards the construction of the new arena. The Oilers are forking out $143 million. There will be an imposed “ticket tax” that will not exceed seven percent of the total cost of admission; this will generate another $125 million. Another $7 million from the federal government and an additional $107 million is still be sought after from the province of Alberta.

The last $107 million is kind of the big question at this point as the province has been reluctant to offer financial support for a new arena. At this time, they’re still working to determine ways to generate these funds.

Jordan Eberle told reporters he’s seen the layout of the new arena and it looks great. Their current arena was built almost four decades ago, in 1974. It is one of the oldest facilities in the NHL.


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