FOOTBALL — 03 January 2013

What can be said about a man like Ray Lewis? He was a God-fearing man, a man of God, a man that put fear in the eyes of his opponent and one that was loved by his own teammates. He was man that once found himself in the crossroads of his life, and after found himself, he became a man willing to redevote himself to helping inspiring others. The man that was once a young and brash rookie out of the University of Miami, became an everlasting figure to the Baltimore Ravens team and to all of Baltimore. He is to many, the greatest linebacker to play his position, the type of player that comes once in a lifetime; for those that had the chance to see him play, are grateful to say; I got to see Ray Lewis play. The news of Ray Lewis planning to retire at the conclusion of the NFL playoffs is one that many did not see coming at this point but was inevitable. But to many of his Ravens teammates and to the whole football world, it is news that is very difficult to swallow; to imagine an NFL season without Ray Lewis, is the type of news that would send fans around the world in a deep state of denial. For what it is worth, people like Ray Lewis represent a paradigm for any player to emumlate, and perhaps someday attain that level of greatness. But above all things, Ray Lewis represents the type of human that this world needs; someone whom is aware of his past transgressions, and working everyday to improve himself. This and many things is why all of sports will miss Ray Lewis.


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