HOCKEY — 01 September 2012

On Wednesday, Kyle Turris‘ signed his new five-year, $17.5-million contract extension. This extension should give the young Center, $3.5 million dollars a year till the 2017-18 season. For the most part, this new signing was celebrated by the Ottawa Senators faith, as Kyle Turris displayed great progress as the year went on ; this was very evident with his performance in the playoffs against the New York Rangers in the first round.

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Former Ottawa Senators and current Nashville Predators enforcer Brian McGratton felt the need express his opinion after Kyle Turris‘ signed his new five-year soon after this deal was confirmed on Twitter.  Though he made not have directly expressed his disapproval his tweet was certainly not supportive of the new deal;

“So 12 goals is 3.5 mill these days jeaaaasous”

As expected, this response was met with negative feedback toward Brian McGratton; many labeling Brian McGratton as being “jealous” . Perhaps the most memorable of the tweets in response to Brian McGratton came via former NHL antagonist Matthew Barnaby;

“not good when players think they are making to much money!!”

Perhaps what can be assessed in this situation is that the certain players may have a little too much time on their hands, and with the possibility of a lockout looming, this type exchange on Twitter may become something we see on a more frequent basis.


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