FOOTBALL — 09 October 2012

This weekend Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback Matt Cassel was crushed by Pro Bowl defensive tackle Haloti Ngata in the fourth quarter and ended up suffering a concussion.

“You get hit by Haloti Ngata, you will get a concussion,” nose guard Ma’ake Kemeatu said.

“That’s not cool,” Ngata said. “He’s your quarterback. For them to cheer for him being hurt, that’s just not cool.”

After the game, Matt Cassel was clearly upset and he has plenty of reason to be. Matt Cassel has done nothing but play his heart out and put in effort week after week. Unfortunately the fans were pretty disrespectful and the crazy part was the Kansas City Chiefs were playing at HOME! 73,000 fans erupted to cheer when Matt Cassel was hit and ultimately left the game with a concussion.

“It was sad to see the fans cheer for somebody getting hurt,” Kemoeatu said. “It’s a horrible situation. I hope he’s fine.”

Listen to Eric Winston of the Kansas City Chiefs tearing into Fans Who Cheered Quarterbacks Injury.


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