MISC — 15 January 2013

ESPN anchor Stuart Scott  has already battled cancer before and won. He made an announcement via twitter on Monday evening that his cancer has returned.

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Stuart was first diagnosed with Cancer in 2007 after he underwent an emergency appendectomy which they discovered was a result of cancer in the appendix. He had chemo therapy and was free of cancer until 2011 when it returned in this small intestine. Surgery and more chemo took care of the malignant tumors.

Stuart Scott has fought this battle before and won, with an army of fans supporting him everyone believes that Stuart will power through this and kick cancer in the butt.

Stuart didn’t even miss a beat with the news and appeared on the 11pm edition of Sports Center.

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[tweet https://twitter.com/StuartScott/status/291018960676204544 align=’center’]

Stuart showed his support to Livestrong and is clearly supporting the Livestrong foundation for cancer patients. One Twitter follower asked how he feels about the Livestrong foundation now and Stuart answers with poise:

[tweet https://twitter.com/StuartScott/status/290916229508640768]




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