BASKETBALL — 12 February 2013

The trade impact will take a lot longer to truly be evaluated but the early looks could be a sure sign of what to expect. Ed Davis was a victim of playing into a trade where he was putting up amazing numbers in the minutes played nearly producing a double double whenever he played significant minutes. The Toronto Raptors pressed hard and managed to steal Rudy Gay from the Memphis Grizzlies who made some moves that might haunt them.

Rudy Gay has played in 5 games for Toronto and started 4 of them. His numbers are 41.1% FG, 20.8% 3PT, 6.4 Rebounds, 2.4 assists, 3 steals, 1 block and 23.4 PPG. Up from his 17.9 PPG that he was putting up prior to the trade. Toronto clearly is a team where Rudy Gay is able to take a lot more shots and be the go to guy. The expectations are for Rudy Gay to go out and play hard, while making the team better. So far he has done this despite struggling from 3 PT land, he has single handily won games and also won games as a team. Rudy Gay has hit bit time shots for the Raptors winning a game in OT vs the Indiana Pacers, but what is more impressive is his hustle on regulation to get a steal and get it up the court to Amir Johnson to force the game to overtime.

The duo of DeMar DeRozan and Rudy Gay has been an impressive one thus far, with DeRozan connecting in his first game for one of two alley-oops by Gay in the game. The immediate success is that the Toronto Raptors are 3-2 since Rudy Gay has stepped on the floor in a Raptors uniform. With the Denver Nuggets in town tonight it will be a big test to see how the Raptors match up against a playoff team in the Western Conference. Wednesday night the Raptors will head into New York to face the Knicks and the Raptors will either be on the right track, somewhere in between or if they lose both… Well it might mean Bryan Colangelo won’t be done dealing. Rumours are swirling and clearly Colangelo has been calling around the league to see what interest is out there and who’s potentially available.

Ed Davis is a shadow of his old self as his numbers and minutes drop off the map. In 5 games he has averaged only 8.4 minutes, down from 22.6 in Toronto. Ed Davis Rebounds have dropped from 6.10 to 1.4 rebounds a game. Even worse he was putting up 9 points a game in Toronto and now only 2.6 points in Memphis. Clearly not what Memphis was expecting.

Jose Calderon is performing at about the same level but getting a few more minutes and his numbers have increased slightly. That’s not surprising because he is a veteran player and with the talent on the Pistons he was expected to fit into their system nicely. Hopefully for the Pistons they can convince Jose to sign long term but I think it will be very unlikely.

The real test for the Toronto Raptors is the next two games to see if Bryan Colangelo has found the right mix.


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