HOCKEY — 26 April 2012

The 2012 NHL Playoffs have been spectacular to say the least. This playoffs has featured some amazing battles, story lines and of course new teams we aren’t as familiar with seeing. In the first round alone we have seen 3 series go the distance with two of them to be decided tonight.

The first team that comes to mind is the Florida Panthers who are definitely not your regular playoff team. The last time Florida Panthers fans saw the post season was just after y2k. Yes that long ago (12 years to be more precise). Then you have the Phoenix Coyotes who were all but gone from Glendale Arizona a few years ago. Phoenix fans are celebrating their first playoff series win since being moved from Winnipeg. Throw in a team that Ken Hitchcock revitalized and convincingly taking a series 4-1 over the sharks and you have a bunch of teams flexing their muscles you didn’t know existed. St. Louis is in the second round for just the first time since the 01-02 season so their fans have something to cheer about.

When we wake up tomorrow morning there will be 8 teams left. Lets take a look at the current teams in the playoffs and the last time the cup was hoisted.

Los Angeles Kings – 43 Seasons – Never Won The Cup
St. Louis Blues –  43 Seasons – Never Won The Cup
Phoenix Coyotes – 31 Seasons including time as Winnipeg Jets – Never Won The Cup
Nashville Predators – 12 Seasons – Never Won The Cup
Washington Capitals – 36 Seasons – Never Won The Cup
Philadelphia Flyers – 35 Seasons
Ottawa Senators – 18 Seasons – Never Won The Cup
Florida Panthers – 17 Seasons – Never Won The Cup
New York Rangers – 16 Seasons
New Jersey Devils – 7 Seasons

With 7 teams currently who can win the Stanley Cup for the first time it is an exciting time for hockey fans who are used to seeing Pittsburgh and Detroit in their fair share of NHL Finals. This is great for the NHL, Fans and of course the grass roots for these cities. Nothing gets a city behind their team like the playoffs! The last two game 7’s happen tonight with Ottawa vs New York and Florida vs New Jersey! If you plan on catching an 2012 NHL Playoff game live be sure to look for NHL Playoff Tickets at Elite Sports Tours!

Who do you think has the best shot at ending their Stanley Cup drought?


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