HOCKEY — 20 April 2012

Stanley Cup Playoff action heats up again tonight as we approach game 5 of the series between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Philadelphia Flyers as Philly looks to finish them off and be one step closer to raising the Cup.

This series has been extremely intense, delivering action packed games that are bringing in incredibly high scores; especially for a playoff series.

The highest combined score in NHL Playoff history occurred in 1982 when the LA Kings scored 10 goals and the Edmonton Oilers scored 8, totaling 18 goals during the division semifinal. The most goals by a single team during an NHL Playoff game was on April 19, 1987, also between the Oilers and the Kings when the Edmonton Oliers won 13-3.

The Pittsburgh Penguins battled back during game 4 of the series on Wednesday night with a high scoring 10-3 victory. Game 2 (8-5 Philadelphia) and Game 3 (8-4 Philadelphia) also saw quite high scores which makes me believe you should be ready again tonight for another high scoring game.

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Check out the highlights below from Game 4 on Wednesday where Pittsburgh was able to turn it around and stay alive in the series, winning 10-3.

The Flyers were up 3-2 in the first period and were on pace to win until their wheels fell off. Pittsburgh quickly scores to goals to end the first and then go off on a scoring rampage to shift the momentum to their end.

On the brink of elimination, the strength and will of two teams will be tested tonight. One team hanging on for dear life, looking to triumph over the odds and deliver a comeback for the history books; the other team seeking to seal the deal and squash the dreams of Penguins fans everywhere.




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