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Georges St. Pierre is already going to be a UFC Hall of Famer someday. His goal right now is to ensure when he gets there, he leaves a legacy which will last forever.

In his first interview since his UFC 154 victory over Carlos Condit, Georges St. Pierre told panel talk-show “Tout le monde en parle” (Translation: Everyone Speaks) on a French television station that he is not afraid to fight middleweight champion Anderson Silva, he is afraid that if he beats him there will be nothing more for him to do in MMA.

St. Pierre still sees challenges available for him in in current weight class. Johny Hendricks or Nick Diaz are first to come to mind. St. Pierre has all the money he needs already, anyone close to him will tell you he is extremely modest and smart with how he spends his money. With pay-per-view earnings not disclosed; no one except GSP and the UFC truly know what he earns.

Georges St. Pierre has plans for his legacy, during the interview he said:

My ambition is to become the Wayne Gretzky of my sport. But I think I still have a lot to do to attain that level. I want people to remember that I made a mark on my era, I was a Hall of Famer, but not just the one who was the best in the Octagon, but who made a difference in the sport, to help it attain a new level.”

As far as moving-up a weight class and fighting Silva, St. Pierre said, “When I fight him I’ll have to put on weight, and then I cannot come back to my weight class. I’ve fought guys just as big, and I’m not afraid of him, but I’ll take it when it will be good for me. Right now I have other fights in my category and other challenges I want.”

As a Canadian UFC fan, Georges St. Pierre holds high in my books as one of my favourite UFC fighters. However, I can understand why Georges is not yet satisfied with the footprint to which he has left in the sport so far. I think suffering the ACL tear, undergoing surgery and the whole recovery process allowed Georges St. Pierre to reset mentally. He seems to have a clear direction of what he wants to do, how he wants to do it and what the outcome will be.

I think Georges is wise to think about himself and his career first rather than to satisfy the desires of the fans in this situation. As much as I’d like to see the St. Pierre vs. Silva fight happen; I just don’t believe at this time GSP would win. I agree that St. Pierre needs to put the weight on permanently, that he should never return to 170 once he makes that jump.

Looking at the below photo of GSP moments before round 1 of his UFC 154 fight, it is difficult to see where he is going to add mass, I know its totally doable for him but still think he is wise to take the time to gain the weight naturally.

St. Pierre’s teammate Rory MacDonald completely validated the fact the St. Pierre has not yet left the legacy he desires when he said the following to Sportsnet.ca last week about the possibility of a St. Pierre vs. Silva super-fight:

If Georges and Anderson fought, I would be rooting for Georges and supporting him all the way, and I do believe Georges would have a very good chance at beating him, even at a higher weight. I just think Anderson is the best in history because he hasn’t lost. I think his legacy is higher.”

B.J. Penn recently took a shot at GSP saying the following during a media conference call, “That fight, that’s on Georges himself, but everybody on this phone call knows what B.J. Penn would do.” Then adding, “You know what I would do if Dana called me to fight the champion in the weight class above.”

Here’s the full GSP vs. Condit fight video in case you missed it:




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