MMA — 23 August 2012

The super-fight that MMA fans have been dreaming about seeing could become a reality in the near future according to UFC president Dana White.

In a recent appearance on the Dave & Mahoney show on X107.5 radio in Las Vegas, Dana White said that if Georges St. Pierre is victorious over Carlos Condit then his next fight will “probably” be against Anderson “Spider” Silva.

White certainly acknowledged that first St. Pierre will need to get through Carlos Condit. “He has got to beat Condit first though,” he said. “That’s a tough fight. Georges has been off for over a year, so we’ll see.”

George St. Pierre has not fought since UFC 129 in Toronto where he defeated Jake Shields in front of 55,000 fans.

St. Pierre was previously set to defend hit title against Condit in October, but was sidelined by an injury. He then suffered an ACL tear which required surgery and has been undergoing rehab since.

Taking a full year off of fighting has its pro’s and con’s. On the plus side, the time off will allow any old nagging injuries to heal up properly and the rest will do a lot of good for the body of a fighter. On the down side, a year off fighting can make re-entering the octagon more stressful on a fighter. Being in the spotlight with the pressure on can be a shocker to anyone who has not experienced the rush for a prolonged period of time.

St. Pierre has been the UFC’s welterweight champion since April 2008. Anderson Silva has dominated the middleweight division since his very first fight in the UFC, winning all 15 of his fights in the octagon and being the undisputed champion since October 2006.

UFC fans have been debating who would win if these two highly touted champions were to face one another for years now. With each fighter dominating their respective weight classes, their competition is becoming scarce. At this time, the only thing fans want to see is them face each other.

The other name that has been tossed around in recent months is Jon Jones. The idea of a  Jones vs. Silva match-up also has fans salivating uncontrollably.

Which fight do you think would be more exciting? Would you rather see Georges St. Pierre vs. Anderson Silva or Jon Jones vs. Anderson Silva? Tell us what you think on Twitter @EliteSportsBlog



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