MISC RACING — 18 January 2013

It’s what we’ve all been waiting years to hear; Lance Armstrong admitting he used performance enhancing banned substances to win the Tour de France seven times.

We’ve heard the truth for many many months from his accusers, we’ve known the truth for sometime now, but it feels good to finally hear him admit it all.

It will be his most loyal followers who choose to deny the truth of his methods who be the most hurt and disappointed by the news.

Hear it yourself folks, the video below is the opening of Lance Armstrong’s interview with Oprah in which he starts off the first few minutes by answering “yes” to every single question. Listen for yourself:

The fact is that Lance will in some from or another recover from this. There are many people out there who will look past his doping and lies and forgive him based on the tremendous things he has done to inspire cancer sufferers across the world. Lance Armstrong is a hero to many, an inspiration; but does all the good he has done out weigh the bad?

Lance Armstrong has a net worth of approximately $125 million. He has profited immensely from his cycling career. In 2005 his net worth was estimated at approximately $28 million. Lance’s wealth is a direct result of winning the Tour de France seven times. He won the Tour de France seven times because he was doping; he says so himself. He says he does not believe it would be possible for anyone to win it seven times if they were not using performance enhancing substances.

Had he not have had such a successful career, we wouldn’t even be talking about him right now.

The one good thing Armstrong has on his side is his charity work. At least Armstrong has used his fame and success to inspire others in this world. You may not like him, agree with him, or you may be completely disgusted by him, but you cannot deny the good that has come from his wrong-doings. He single-handedly inspired the Livestrong brand and created a world wide cancer awareness and support system.

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I think Lance is beginning to understand that what he did was wrong. I find him to be a very unique example because of his history… For someone to overcome cancer like he did, it’s hard to judge the way in which they choose to live their life. If you’ve never been on the brink of death then you probably don’t really understand the mind-frame of Armstrong.

I feel like after undergoing something as life changing as the disease he overcame, Armstrong was likely somewhat ‘numb’ or ‘immune’ to being surrounded with needles and drugs. If you can take a drugs to make you feel better and help you defeat cancer then what’s the difference of taking a drug to make you feel better and defeat the other racers? Do you see the fine line? I’m not saying cancer is an excuse, but hey, I am saying that it could very well have in some way acted as a gate-way for him to get involved in using performance enhancing drugs. When a doctor recommends medication for cancer and he felt it help/ saw it work; then mentally when a doctor offered him ways to improve performance he accepted.


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