HOCKEY MISC — 24 October 2012

At first glance it would be hard to make the connection that  a 6’5 192 pound body belongs to a 12 year old child. This is one of the many aspects that makes Ethan Lavallee of the peewee AAA Nickel City Sons hockey team out of Sudbury unique amongst any peewee hockey player that has ever played. Simply put, watching Ethan Lavallee playing against opposing 12 years olds is very much like watching Goliath amongst a sea of David-like players. Ethan Lavallee has a gargantuan frame and the fact that he is playing with kids that may never see 6’5, makes Ethan  a target amongst opposing team players, coaches, and fans whom are literally ignorant to the fact that he himself is just a kid playing the game that he loves.

His coach Dan Giroux has even noted that all of his actions on the ice are scrutinized, even the simple act of accidentally bumping into a kid is falsely perceived by the opposition; keeping in consideration that bodychecking or any forms of physical contact is banned at his age. What makes Ethan Lavallee scary is the fact that has not reached full potential, both in stature and in skill level. He is OHL draft eligible in 2016, but many expect that he will be given special exception as was given to current young OHL phenom Connor McDavid. Until that time happens, Ethan Lavallee is just a normal 12 year old, that is taking all attention he has received all in stride. But remember the name Ethan Lavallee, because this giant will be a name that you will not soon forget.


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