FOOTBALL — 31 August 2012

A 45-year old fan has died after falling three stories from an escalator at a preseason Houston Texans vs. Minnesota Vikings game.

The incident occurred sometime during the third quarter when the fan allegedly attempted to slide down the escalator railing, when he slipped and fell three stories to the escalator below. There were people on the escalator at the time, however; no one else was injured as a result of the fall. One witness who choose not to be identified, said they saw the fall out of the corner of their eye and heard a very loud noise when he hit the escalator below.

Houston Fire Department officials said that the man was taken to hospital by ambulance. The Houston Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed that the man died in a Houston emergency room. The identity of the man has not been released at this time. It has not been confirmed yet if alcohol played a role in the fall, but it has been suspected.

This is not the first fan fatality Houston fans have had to face. In 2011, firefighter Shannon Stone tragically fell to his death as he reached to catch a ball for his son that was tossed to him by outfielder Josh Hamilton.

In 2009 Tyler Morris fell 30 feet at Rangers Ballpark while trying to catch a foul ball. He suffered a fractured skull and a sprained ankle.



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