MISC — 22 September 2012

1. Simply known in the Hockey world as “The Great One” , Wayne Gretzky established himself as a phenom at the tender age of 10. In just one season with the Brantford Nadrofsky Steelers, Wayne scored 378 goals and 139 assists in 85 games.


2. In keeping with theme of Wayne Gretzky, he once revealed of all the goals he has ever scored, his favorite was the overtime winner against Calgary in the 1988 Smythe Division Finals. The Oilers went on to sweep that series.


3. According to the official 40-yard dash recorded results at the NFL combine, the fastest recorded 40-yard time was 4.24, achieved by Rondel Melendez in 1999 and Chris Johnson in 2008. What is important to know is that 1999 was the first year electronic timing was implemented. With this noted, any other recorded times before 1999 were deemed ‘unreliable’; however if were to consider them as valid, the fastest 40-yard time would belong to Bo Jackson who ran an unbelievable time of 4.12 . Deion Sanders ran a 4.27 back in 1989.


4. When Hall of Fame basketball player Dennis Rodman was 19 years old, he hit a growth spurt that saw him grow from 5’9 to 6’8 over the next two years. After his growth spurt, he decided quit his career as a Janitor and try basketball again; he would end up at Cooke County College for one semester before transferring to Southeastern Oklahoma State University.


5. In 1994 , the consensus No. 1 player in America and USA Today’s Offensive Player of the Year was Quarterback Dan Kendra from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Practically every NCAA Football program in America wanted him as he was touted as the next big Quarterback out of Pennsylvania after Joe Montana, Dan Marino and Jim Kelly; he eventually he decided on Florida State. Dan Kendra Redshirted in 1995, was backup Quarterback for Thad Busby his Freshman and Sophomore year, spent his Junior year rehabilitating a torn ACL, and ended up playing Fullback his Senior year. Dan Kendra never started as Quarterback through his career with Florida State, and never made it to the NFL. Today he is an assistant coach at Pennsylvania’s Nazareth Area High School.


6. The ‘baggy’ shorts style that became synonymous with basketball in the 90s, was said to have been introduced by Jalen Rose and the Michigan ‘Fab Five’ Wolverines back in 1991. In actuality, the first team to adopt the ‘baggy’ short style was the 1989 Illinois ‘Flyin’ Illin team led by Kenny Battle and Kendall Gill.



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