FOOTBALL — 07 October 2014

Is Tom Brady really washed up? To my fellow Patriots haters, just pump the brakes a little bit on this one. As someone who isn’t a big Brady fan and believe me when I tell you, I despise the New England Patriots but Tom Brady is still “Tom Terrific”. Even though his numbers tell you otherwise at times, the problem isn’t the 3 time Superbowl Champion. The problem lays within the offensive line and the receiving core. The offensive line has been subpar allowing 11 sacks over 4 games, forcing Brady to throw the ball sooner than he’d like and forcing passes to a below average receiving core. Julian Edelman is hands down the Patriots star wide-out but in any other offence, he’s probably a solid number two at best. Edelman is 22nd in the NFL in receiving yards with 318 and way down the list in TD’s with just 1, he’s averaging 63 yards and 0.2 TD’s per game. Rob Gronkowski hasn’t played up to “Gronk” standards with the exception of the Sunday Night’er and only two other players have more than 10 catches in 5 games, one of which is RB Shane Vereen. Thats 2 catches a game, are you for real?!?! Seriously though, besides Edelman and Gronkowski the Patriots do not have a single player averaging more than 37 yards a game … PITIFUL!  So how can you blame the Pat’s franchise QB? You can’t! Even with the above mentioned, Brady has still completed 104/172 for 1083 yards with 6 TD’s and 2 INT’s … pretty darn good i’de say!


So before we start saying the former 6th round pick is washed up and should retire, take a look at what Brady is actually doing with what he actually has. Its actually quite impressive and if the MVP voters know anything about football, I think you have to throw Tom in that conversation. As much as my boy Eric Shedden, will never let me live this article down, I think it must be said that if your trying to blame Tom Brady for the Patriots recent offensive problems than you either don’t watch football or just simply don’t understand the game. As much as I am not a fan, I gotta say that I respect #12 and his brand of football. If you disgruntled Pats fans wanna send him packing, I’ll gladly take him in Detroit and let him toss the ball around to Calvin Johnson!

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