MMA — 12 June 2012

The lawyers of boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. say the undefeated champion boxer may never fight again if he isn’t released from the Las Vegas jail cell he entered earlier this month.

Mayweather was booked June 1st for attacking his ex-girlfriend and was sentenced to three months in prison for domestic battery.

The 35-page motion included statements from Floyd Mayweather‘s personal physician Dr. Robert Voy  who examined the boxer for 90 minutes on Friday, while jail medical staff observed.

In the Motion, Dr. Voy stated that if Mayweather remained in jail, it would threaten his career. He was planning on fighting for at least two more years.

Medical opinion shows that CCDC administrative segregation threatens to end or shorten Mr. Mayweather’s boxing career,” the motion said. “After examining Mr. Mayweather, Dr. Voy was concerned with Mr. Mayweather’s dehydrated appearance, his lack of muscle tone and his dry mucus membranes,” the motion also stated.

Dr. Voy also “expressed deep concern for Mr. Mayweather’s health and explained that any lengthy period of time with an inappropriate diet, coupled with lack of regular exercise, will most likely lead to irreversible damage to Mr. Mayweather’s physique,” the motion said.

Dr. Voy was also concerned that Mayweather could withdraw into depression which could worsen anger issues he is normally able to dissipate through his exercise routine.

His lawyers are looking to have Mayweather serve the remainder of his sentence from house arrest to prevent the deterioration of his health in the prison cell. The motions says that Mayweather would be willing to work with the jail officials to find an appropriate location to serve the house arrest should the judge agree.

Check out the Courtroom Footage of Floyd Mayweather going to jail:

Here is his initial court sentecing for 90 days in jail:





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