BASKETBALL — 15 May 2013

A lot of attention has been around Andrew Wiggins for a few years now and many have compared him to the next coming of LeBron James. The hype seems a bit ridiculous to some, especially when you think basketball in Canada. The reality is we are now seeing the results of having an NBA franchise in Toronto on the Collegiate level. Last March Madness we had more Canadians then ever before in the tournament. In 2011 Brampton native Tristan Thompson went # 4 overall to the Cleveland Cavaliers as the highest drafted Canadian Basketball player… Until Andrew Wiggins that is!

Atleast that is what most people are speculating.  He is already anticipated to be selected #1 overall in the 2014 draft. I would love to see the Toronto Raptors do whatever they need to do to acquire this young talent. The benefit Andrew Wiggins would have to Basketball in Canada would be comparable to LeBrons impact on Cleveland.

I want you to watch both of these videos and tell me that LeBron James looks more explosive then Andrew Wiggins… I personally believe Andrew Wiggins looks more explosive then LeBron in high school and spending a year at Kansas may very well help Andrew Wiggins develop to an elite player as quick, if not quicker then LeBron James.



LeBron James High School


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