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Bryan Colangelo finally got the man he wanted, Rudy Gay. An All-Star forward that was a victim to a business transaction more than anything. The Memphis Grizzlies new ownership group (Related: Peyton Manning Part Of Memphis Ownership Group) made it a point to evaluate the teams assets and contracts. The Memphis Grizzlies made a small trade with Cleveland to clear some cap space last week, but in the big picture Rudy Gay’s contract was one that put a lot of restrictions on management, who you get the idea was forced to move him to provide more flexibility to improve their roster long-term and stay under the luxury cap.

You would love to be in the Memphis Grizzlies situation to just get rid of talent like O.J. Mayo who is in Dallas having a career year and now Rudy Gay. One could only hope that Rudy Gay will have that same success and improve the Toronto Raptors core. When reading a lot of the reactions online I have seen a lot of people disapproving of getting rid of Ed Davis and Jose Calderon, others saying Bryan Colangelo has cemented his future insinuating he should be fired and others understand that the TORONTO RAPTORS JUST ACQUIRED RUDY GAY!!!!

Seriously, we just got more in return for Jose Calderon and Ed Davis then the Toronto Raptors got in both the Vince Carter and Chris Bosh deals. Rudy Gay is a proven all-star who addresses a need the Toronto Raptors have had for what seems like an eternity at small forward. We have lost players like Vince Carter and Chris Bosh for absolutely nothing and then you have Jose who is a unrestricted free agent after this season and would have likely left the Toronto Raptors to join a winner, maybe walk right over to the Los Angeles Lakers to play with Pau Gasol. Who knows, but the reality is Jose Calderon is a player who did a lot for Toronto and was a class act during his time. This was a business decision where we had an opportunity to add an all-star talent in Rudy Gay in exchange for an expiring contract that went the Detroit Pistons and a player with a ton of talent and upside in Ed Davis who Memphis acquired for giving up a player of Rudy’s caliber.

Based on those reasons alone I commend Bryan Colangelo who may be one of the most active general managers in the NBA. Clearly his team is always working the phones, analyzing talent and finding ways to make moves to improve this franchise. I don’t know what type of expectations people have of Bryan Colangelo but I would argue that he is one of the top GM’s in Toronto Raptors History. He was never given a golden situation and the team does still have a lot of way to go before fans will be happy and the team can be considered a contender, but I firmly believe the Toronto Raptors are taking the steps to become closer and closer to a playoff team.

Rudy Gay gets reunited with Kyle Lowry who played with Rudy in Memphis. Both with a little more experience in the league and a chip on their shoulder, I think this is a fresh start for both of them to form a solid team in Toronto and prove some people wrong. Prove to the people who wrote them off that they both still have talent and in the grand scheme of things Toronto isn’t a magnet for attracting talent, so people should realize that Colangelo has to be crafty and take risks in order to improve this basketball team.

This is a trade that is emotional for Raptors fans who love Jose Caldron and those who were excited about Ed Davis’s potential. The Toronto Raptors and it’s fans have to remember that they have been trying to get rid of him since the TJ Ford days and even had a deal in place to send him to Charlotte not too long ago. Speculation has been around for awhile and from the business side of things this organization couldn’t afford to lose an “asset” to free agency. We gave up a player with potential for a player who is already proven. Mind you his numbers near the end of his time in Memphis may have been a lot to do with him fitting in with all the talent in Memphis… Chemistry.

As a Toronto Raptors fan I am excited no matter what anyone has to say about Rudy Gay or his contract. The reality is his contract means absolutely nothing because nobody is coming to Toronto as a free agent. We had a trade exception from the Bosh deal and who came? The Toronto Raptors don’t have a good history of bringing in Top Talent (Hedo Turkoglu was our biggest Free Agent acquisition and we all know how that went). This was a smart trade for the Toronto Raptors from a business perspective and a basketball perspective. If you didn’t know Kyle Lowry and Rudy Gay are friends which makes this situation more inviting for Rudy Gay off the hop.

I leave you with a clip of a Toronto Raptors fan going nuts when Rudy Gay hits a Game Winner vs the Toronto Raptors. Now you can be happy this guy is on our side!

Toronto Raptors Fan Curses Rudy Gay After He Hits Game Winner


Rudy Gay Alleyoop Slam From Kyle Lowry

Rudy Gay Slam Dunk Contest Sprite Commercial


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