FOOTBALL MISC — 01 November 2012

Are you one of those people who know squirm by the sound of the name Jerry Sandusky?

Sandusky was sentenced on October 9th to 30 to 60 years in prison. At 68 years old it is safe to assume he will spend the rest of his life behind bars.

For anyone out there who was hoping he would suffer for his crimes and wished the worse upon him, by the sounds of it, you can rest assured to know that his future is extremely grim.

Time was taken after his sentencing to evaluate the mental and physical state of Jerry Sandusky, and determine an appropriate permanent facility for him to be held at.

Given his high profile and the nature of his crimes, it was believed that Sandusky could become a target. He will, as a result, be held in isolation at maximum security prison Greene, also known as “Supermax” which holds most of Pennsylvania’s death row inmates.

Sandusky will have very little interaction with the other 1,800 inmates and will have a cell by himself, in which he will consume all of his meals. He will be allowed to shower three days per week and will be granted one hour of solitary exercise in an open area five days a week.

During any rare occasion where he will be permitted to leave his cell, he will be granted extra security supervision and an escort. Precautions will be taken to protect his safety from other prisoners.

Visitations from anyone will always be non-contact, with a glass screen between him and his visitor.

Sandusky has never shown any signs of remorse and continues to plead innocent on the 45 counts of sexual abuse and is determined to pursue an appeal.




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