FOOTBALL — 29 January 2013

While most athletes are doing clothing apparel or sports beverage deals; Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco is representing something a little different – Gummy Bears.

Yes that’s right, a football player endorsing candy.

He just looks funny below, wearing a full suit and holding a bag of gummy bears. Those are two things that you wouldn’t typically see together.


joe flacco gummy bear

Flacco is however, endorsing a product he can genuinely say he loves, Haribo Gold Bears. His agent, Joe Linta confirmed that Joe loves the product saying, “He didn’t do a deal with a clothing company or a law firm. He did it for a company that makes gummy bears. But that’s Joe. He likes the product.”

A spokesperson for Haribo Gold Bears revealed that they typically don’t do sponsorship deals, unless they find out that their product is really enjoyed.

At first I was wondering how Joe Flacco endorsing gummy bears is really going to help boost sales, then I started to want gummy bears and understood.







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