MMA — 04 September 2012

Now we sit in the office on a Tuesday where we should have been all talking around the water cooler about the amazing events of this past weekends canceled UFC 151 event. Now it’s just a whole bunch of what could of happened; would the aging Dan Henderson prove to be one of the most prolific fighters in all of MMA or would he be a victim of his age to a younger, thriving Jon Jones. Instead we were left with a long weekend that featured the first canceled event in UFC history.

Amazingly after all the dust settles Jon Jones discusses some very valid points. Let me break down the situation:

1 – Dan Henderson injured himself nearly 3 weeks prior to the fight vs Jon Jones and failed to notify anyone from the UFC until a week out from the event. Sure Dan Henderson was trying to fight through the injury and put on the fight of his life. Unfortunately that’s not the way it went down, instead Dan left the window to short for the UFC to scramble and ultimately save the card. The most facinating thing is that I have not heard a single person blameDan Henderson. In fact Dan is the long forgotten wounded warrior who basically stepped out of the light and allowed the situation to play itself out.

2 – Jon Jones was presented with a short notice opportunity to fight Chael Sonnen at the last minute which he turned down. There is a lot more to the situation then most fans are aware of. The way the general public sees the situation is that Dan Henderson got injured, the UFC found a suitable replacement and Jon Jones is the villain who turned down the hero Chael Sonnen. The crazy thought is that Chael Sonnen was a formidable opponent? Let’s be serious here, sure the guy can talk his was into a fight, but he has no business stepping into the octagon with Jon Jones yet alone a title fight in a weight class he hasn’t even challenged anyone in.

3 – Nobody is talking about the fact that Shogun turned down a fight vs Jon Jones.

4 – Dana White announced Lyoto Machida would fight Jon Jones on three weeks notice in Toronto at UFC 152 on September 22. Not even a day after Lyoto Machida turns down the fight because it’s not long enough to prepare for a rematch vs Jon Jones.

5 – Dana White announces Vitor Belfort will now step in to fight Jon Jones on short notice.

Atleast Jon Jones new opponent is someone who has some experience fighting at 205 and could very well put up a solid fight against the champion. What amazes me about the entire situation is that Dan Henderson was forgotten about, Chael Sonnen is a hero now, Jon Jones is the villain in everything and not a single person who is chirping Jon Jones about ducking Chael Sonnen has said a word to Lyoto Machida for turning down the champ on three weeks notice.

Shame on you fans for throwing Jon Jones under the bus because he failed to take a fight with an unworthy opponent who has nothing to lose on 7 days notice, while letting Lyoto Machida walk away hands clean. Shame on Dana White for throwing his top fighter under the bus and stopping the same bus and throwing it in reverse. The truth IMO is that the UFC made the decision to cancel UFC 151 because look how terrible the UFC 152 card was? Look how awful the UFC 149 in Calgary turned out to be. Fact is the UFC OVERLOADED big time the past few months and the canceling of an event was required in order to save a terrible showing at UFC 152 and many of the other upcoming cards. All the upcoming cards are starting to look absolutely STACKED!!!

Sometimes it’s okay to admit you’re wrong and take a little blame, but shame on Dana White for continuing to throw reporters, fans, fighters and anything that doesn’t agree with his decisions in life. If you keep pissing off fighters and fans you wont have much left besides a dead sport that you ended up killing with your own bare hands and you will have no one to blame but the man in the mirror.

Watch Jon Jones interview with Ariel Helwani on the MMA (After) Hour.

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